SunChips Harvest Cheddar Flavored Wholegrain Snacks

4.8 5 0 971 971 Add a cheesy kick to your snack time with Harvest Cheddar Flavored Wholegrain Snacks from SunChips. These wavy chips are made with whole grains and real cheddar cheese. Bring these chips to the party or enjoy at home right out of the bag.
SunChips Harvest Cheddar Flavored Wholegrain Snacks


Cheesy Goodness
This snack is the best, whole grain, the sight salty, cheese umami taste is wonderful. I love the size and richness of the taste. I have no changes to be made. Yes.
These are light, crispy and sooooo cheesy. The perfect snack to munch on when you don't really want a "chip". They have that yummy whole grain taste and you don't really feel like you are having junk food when you eat them.
Nice crunchy snack
Good alternative when you want something other than potato chips. Good taste and satisfying crunch, but a little messy. Still well worth it though.
An oldie but goodie!
Sunchips have been around forever it seems like. Harvest cheddar is one of the OG flavors that thankfully has stood the test of time. The whole grain gives a bit of sweetness that is unexpected but accents the cheddar nicely. A great addition to any sandwich or a fantastic stand alone snack by itself.
I was actually given a bag and bought a bag . My baby just loves these eats them right up and for the value of price affordable for us. I think that if he loves them so do I. I definitely would recommend them for a finicky eater.
Love Sun Chips
Sun chips is a great salty snack to have. I love the fa rt it has Multigrain in it and that's healthy for you. But they have a great taste to them.
Light, crisp, and delicious!
Light, crisp, and delicious! I really enjoyed these and am looking forward to trying some of the other flavors. Will buy again.
Tasty and healthy
I feel good about eating these chips. Made with grains and not fried, they are a delicious snack without the guilt that comes with other chips. Cheese is the best flavor for the kids!
Good price Good product. Affordable. Good kick to the chip .
Very good!
I usually get these when I want a chip product but I don’t want all the greasiness from regular chips. The cheddar flavor is one of the best from this brand. The crunch is very good with these as well.
Can’t Get Enough!
I love these chips so much, maybe even too much! They are the perfect snack because they taste amazing and they are much healthier than the average potato chip. Sunchips will always be a staple in my pantry but especially these!!
Yummy! I'd say Yes
Sun chips are by far my favorite chip and the harvest cheddar is one of the best flavors. I love that these chips are whole grain. I struggle with a lot of health problems, and these chips don't upset my stomach or trigger any of my issues. They taste delicious and I'd buy them again.
I like the crunch. The cheese flavor wasn’t overpowering. It has the right amount of flavor. It’s hard to stop once the bag is opened.
Harvesting Flavor!
Sun Chips Harvest Cheddar flavor is a delicious and satisfying snack. The chips have a great crunch and the cheddar flavor is rich and tangy, making each bite enjoyable. They're made from whole grains, which adds a wholesome aspect to the snacking experience. Perfect for a quick snack or to pair with a sandwich, these chips are a tasty and healthier alternative to regular potato chips. Highly recommended for anyone who loves cheesy snacks with a bit of a health boost to keep you from feeling totally guilty!
Household favorite!
These are so good! It’s not very often that we can find a bag of chips that everyone likes and is whole grain!

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