Lay’s Poppables™ Creamy Jalapeño

4.3 5 0 368 368 There's something about the light texture & airy, crispy crunch of Lay's Poppables that makes you go "mmmm".
Lay’s Poppables™ Creamy Jalapeño


Not for me
While these Lay's Poppables does have a nice crisp to them I wasn't fond of the creamy jalapeño. I seen mixed reviews and decided to try them for myself and they ended up being a no for me. I would not purchase again. The flavor just didn't fit right for me.
Taste good
I love the light popables they are delicious. The flavor is intense
Jalapeño No
I simply feel in love the Lay's Poppables, however the Creamy Jalapeño is not one I think they should have come out with. The Poppables have a great texture but when you add the Creamy Jalapeño it just makes them taste bad. I would not recommend them to anyone.
Absolutely amazing just my taste 🥰 I hadn't seen it before however I'm so glad I did.
Tried but not impressed
I love the idea but not a lot of flavor. They did not taste spicy to me. Nice package but I think they would taste better maybe if they added like some pepper jack cheese to them or something to give a little extra spice
Lays Poppables
Well I'm a chip lover, but I also try to watch my calorie intake so these lays poppables are perfect! You get 28 chips per serving size so it feels like you actually get to snack on something. The creamy jalapeno is not my favorite flavor, I prefer the white cheddar, but if you're a jalapeno chip fan, the flavor is good!
Great Snack
I really enjoyed trying these chips since they are different from most potato chips! The unique shape gives the chip more flavor and gives a good crunch! I also really liked the jalapeno flavor- wasn't too spicy but had a nice kick!
Awesome flavor
These are perfect when you want a salty snack. Healthier than regular chips. Right amount of spice too. Lays are always ahead of the game. Definitely recommend these to others. I plan to try the other flavors.... just saying 🙃
Yum, made my whole family happy
I love anything Lay's puts out, so I tried these, my family loved them. I felt they were a little healthier than other options, but still full of flavor. Will definitely buy these again !! A little hard to find in any store, but worth the search.
Yum yum!
Not a lot in a bag but it’s my favorite. Ingredients are pretty healthy compare to other chips.I have to be careful not to eat the whole bag at once!
I did not really like these, flavor aside, all of them just had a fake taste to it that was not good. I do not think I would buy this again unless they changed that part of it. I recommend trying it but I would not personally buy it a second time
Love Poppables
Love these, just right on the jalapeno heat, great crunch.
These treats are a delightful alternative to other snacks on the market....They are flavorfull and light and airy. hey are a perfect anytime snack for watching TV, Aftr school treat and a packable on the go choice.
Delicious Snack
These chips are very delicious. I can't have too many of them at a time because I will just eat the whole bag if I am not too careful. They are very addictive and if you are snacking on them while watching a TV show or movie, they will be gone in no time. I would recommend these for their flavor and for how fun it is to hear them crunch.
Poppables Creamy
These chips are so delicious to eat. Although I have never heard of this or tried this flavor before, I got a sneak pick an bought it. I did not like the price on this, and it had a lot of air.

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