4.3 5 0 338 338 There's something about the light texture & airy, crispy crunch of Lay's Poppables that makes you go "mmmm".
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Light and yummy
These are addictive! Yummy with just enough heat. They are light and crisp. All the right things to make you grab just one more.
Awesome flavor and crunch!
These are a great light chip with an awesome flavor and crunch! I have a hard time closing the bag once I've opened it. They remind me a little of the old jalapeno chedder 3d Dorito.
I liked the jalapeño flavor in them and they had a nice crunch to them.
Airy, Crispy, and Full of Flavor
This is definitely a different (and successful) take on potato chips. They're lighter, super crunchy, and intensely satisfying. I always seems to feel bogged down when it comes to snacking on greasy, high in fat potato chips. So, if you feel the same way, then these are an acceptable and delicious alternative to regular Lay's. ...The only problem is that they don't last long enough!
So Good!
These were amazing! I eat them all the time. It is the perfect combination of the classic lays potato chips and spicy jalapeno! I think that they should make these in bigger bags.
My new favorite snack!
My household can't get enough of these- they are so light and crunchy just like they claim to be! The jalapeno flavor is spot on. Just enough spice to have the experience but they won't burn your mouth. I love that every bag I've bought is mostly intact too! I hate crushed chips and don't worry about that anymore. If you like jalapeno flavor and crunchy snacks give them a try!
taste ok
These are pretty good but would not make them my go to snack.
These poppables are the best ones yet!! Just a hint of jalapeno so its not over powering or too hot.
If you like jalapeno you love these chips. They become addictive because they are light and airy
Super Crunch
I didn’t expect them to have so much crunch but they did, loved it! They reminded me of a mix between sour cream and onion with a kick added. In less than 15 minutes, half of it was gone. I’ll definitely be buying them again.
Fun to eat!
Lays is something that i always buy and always have in our food storage! This jalapeno flavor is what I enjoy eatinf during movie time or when I'm bored. Love spicy and this really gives me that satisfying spicy cravings! Taste great and perfect to share for the whole family!
pop.. pop... popp
i love taking these chips and popping t hem in my mouth before eating them. i also love the flavor i cannot get enough of the flavor my mouth waters for it. it is awesome. i love these and they are my favorite.
These poppables are super crunchy with the perfect amount of heat. My family cannot get enough of them. I will have to stock up.
Lays Poppable
My husband loves these things! I think he could eat the whole bag in one setting if he were given the chance. I’ve crunched them up and used to coat chicken for the grill, gives great flavor.
My husband brought home a bag one day. He couldn’t stop talking about how he really liked poppables and how good they are. Rolling my eyes I tried them. Yum. Sold! His bag was suddenly my bag and then my toddler hijacked the snack! We love them!

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