4.2 5 0 140 140 There's something about the light texture & airy, crispy crunch of Lay's Poppables that makes you go "mmmm".
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Not As Good As Honey BBQ
I love pop chips, however I like the honey barbecue flavor better.
LOVE these!!!
I absolutely LOVE this snack! And so do all my kids! It is very flavorful, and light. It isn't heavy in the stomach at all. ALL the flavors are good. I just wish it came in bigger packages and also available in individual bags!
Pretty good!
Has a crisp flavor and an airy texture. It is a nice convenient snack.
Great alternative snack
Light and crispy with no oily residue. Family loves them. They go fast.
Can pop a whole bag!
The are my delicious guilt free snack with just the right amount of kick!
not my thing
tryed it didnt like it wont buy again not my flavor type
Me and my kids loved these. Aves0 1 to 5.we went to sams and bought a few bags and ate with hotdogs. The baby enjoyed the cheddar ones better but hey he nit a spicy fan. So yes i will br purchasimg n furture.
Not a fan
I love spicy and these definitely are not that. I think I'll stick with the jalapeno cheese puffs.
Love the taste
I really love the taste and flavor of these Lay’s Poppables™ Creamy Jalapeño chips. They have just the right amount of spiciness to be great but not too much or too hot. Super fun to eat
I love all flavors. This one is a bit too spicy, but delicious never the less. I had a get together and my guest love them.
They don’t really have that much flavor at all. I got these for my little brother in law and he wouldn’t even touch the rest and when I tried them I understood why. If you like something with almost no flavor but will fill the kids up then this is for you.
Not enough favor
Did not have the favor i was expected the men in my house like hot food
I love the airy taste
I love how they dont feel as heavy as other chips. The flavor was great and more powerful than expected for such puffy chip but definitely not overpowering like some other companies chips definitely recommended
Household favorite
Our family likes spicy foods, so we really enjoyed this product. It has a great flavor and the airiness of the crisp is nice. I think this product was made great and highly recommended it!
I wasn’t bad if you like hot stuff, I liked it. It was a different taste

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