FAB Pharma BHA Acne Spot Treatment Gel 2% Salicylic Acid

4.7 5 0 147 147 Visibly clear up acne, blemishes, whiteheads, and blackheads on the spot with this maximum-strength salicylic acid formula. Packed with exfoliating and resurfacing acids and fruit enzymes, it helps fight the formation of acne marks. Soothing aloe, bisabalol, and oatmeal help minimize visible redness and calm skin.
FAB Pharma BHA Acne Spot Treatment Gel 2% Salicylic Acid


When I used this product, it makes my face clear, and completely free of acne.It gives it a flawless glow to my face and I feel good.
Love this product.so good and i try everything for my acne but nothing work great until i try this fab gel and bye bye acne and acne spot .did agreat job .i would definitly buy it.
Spot Acne Treatment
I have used this FAB product before on minor blemishes and it works so well. It doesn’t take forever to work either. It’s the perfect spot treatment and who doesn’t love FAB. I will definitely be recommending to my family and friends.
Bye bye zits
Omg I love this product!! It’s probably the best spot treatment on the market. Visibly notice the difference in my acne after using this. Reduces redness and inflammation for clearer skin.
Really works!
This spot treatment is really good.It works amazing on blemishes.This Acne spot relief BHA treatment with 2% salicylic acid is my miracle in a jar for treating blemishes. This helps skin look so clear and smooth.
This works wonderfully!
I got this in my Ipsy Glam Bag Plus and I LOVE IT. I now purchase it on Amazon regularly. Works really well and is affordable.
Holy grail
I will always purchase this product. I’ve always heard amazing reviews on it and one day I tried it and love it! If I was ever deserted on a island I would take this with me! I even buy some for my family and friends
Fades blemishes so well!
I absolutely love First Aid Beauty products and their Acne spot relief BHA treatment with 2% salicylic acid is my miracle in a jar for treating blemishes. This helps skin look so clear and smooth. Highly recommend.
If you suffer from random breakouts get this product. This spot treatment is really good. It works amazing.i Definitely recommend trying it out for yourself. I will Definitely repurchase
Great product
I had been using this product for a five months from now and I’ve seen some amazing improvements. Sometimes it takes a couple of days to completely get rid of a big blemish, but small ones usually go away in one day, It’s a gel like texture that could peel off if you rub it later on when it’s dry.
Great product! Not too harsh on sensitive skin
I have had some issues with hormonal acne as I age. I have tried many products, I decided to give this a try because of the great reviews. I have been using it for over a week now and I'm seeing my skin clear up and no skin irritation. Great for even my sensitive skin.
Buena calidad
Si tienes problemas de acné está crema es realmente buena te ayuda a qué poco a poco elimines las manchas y el acné
Great product
This is an amazing product for helping with my stubborn acne. It doesn't burn or irritate my skin in anyway. The scent is neutral and not too strong.
Really effective!
I love this product because it's really effective at reducing the acne. I put it on right as soon as I feel pressure building and within a few hours, the redness and inflammation has reduced significantly.
This is FAB!!
This product has been a total lifesaver for hormonal breakouts I might still have one really bad breakout once a month but I keep just using this product along with pimple patches! The breakouts don't last nearly half as long. This product will not irritate or dry out the skin at all. I think that's why I love it so much. It doesn't feel like your everyday acne meditation that yea of course it dries out any pimples you might have but at the same time, reaks havoc on your face. In turn making the breakouts your dealing with and all the surrounding skin with yucky patchy lizard skin. This product actually heals breakouts while keeping skin moisturized, healing and healthy. A lot of people I know don't think they need to use moisturizer because they are having breakouts and have a oily complexion. I used to think the same way. I'm thankful that I understand the importance of using the correct products for my skin type. I didn't receive this as part of a promotion.

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