Monster Mini to RCA Audio Cable 6ft

4.7 5 0 44 44 Connects TV/Cable to Portable Speaker Connects Phone to AV Receiver Gold Contacts Ensure Reliable Connections Every Time Metal Connector Shell for Enhanced Durability Slim Connector Designed to Fit Most Major Brand Phone Cases Premium, Tangle-Free Material Large Low-Loss Copper Conductors for Max Signal Transfer Means Better Audio Across the Board High-Performance Dielectrics for Max Signal Transmission & Great High-Frequency Performance Offers Crisp, Clean Audio
Monster Mini to RCA Audio Cable 6ft


Love it
I like how I can plug it in to the tv and my phone and play music
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Great quality
This monster mini cable worked great. Connected flawlessly and was the perfect size and length. The cable and connectors are of great quality.
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A must have.
I had my doubts about how well this would work but after testing it out I have no more doubts. It's great!
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Makes things sound great
Great product made things sound great. I was really happy with how it work and all.
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Mister mini audio cable
Oh my gosh these cable save my life I love the fact that it is super long and I really enjoyed it
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Really good product
The monster mini to RCA Audio cable is to good the very long and good I connect and work righ out. High quality and recomend.
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Monster mini rca
After I plug it into my TV to my phone my tablet my laptop at really works I appreciate it I will always go buy one salmon need another one now that I know what to get what brand thank you so much I recommend this to family friends
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Good product
It is a brand that always offers quality products with good design so that the baby feels comfortable. I liked the protective barrier it has on the back to avoid accidents with poop, that was a great help. And the Mickey Mouse design was great, my baby loved them.
my 14yo has vacuumed-attacked it no less than 4 times, I can confirm its durability.
I have an android and this works great to play my music in the car. It's pretty good quality and the sound is great.
Monster cable
Great quality, very durable cable you can trust not to snap on you after a few uses. This cable can withstand serious abuse and still function like new. Thick, yet soft exterior allows for nice flexibility to reach any angle you need. And of course, the metal ends are a perfect finish to this already stunning product !
Great cable
Great product the cable is pretty strong and durable. I have a few that work great none have failed in the past year which usually is not the case.
Mini audo cable
This product was very fun to try. I personally did not keep one, but I bought it for my two nephews. I got to try it and I was very excited to give it a try for the first time. However, I did not agree with the price range. Mini audio cable

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