NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Shine Loud Vegan High-Shine Long-Lasting Liquid Lipstick

4.6 5 0 129 129 16h LOUD SHINE LIP COLOR! Meet our 1st ultra-pigmented high-shine lip color, with up to 16hr no transfer wear. Lightweight & comfy on the lips, this vegan formula delivers 1 swipe loud color with an ultra-glassy,non-sticky shine finish. Easy 2 step technology Simply pair the high-pigment base coat, infused with lip-loving oils*, with the ultra reflective & non-sticky top coat** for the loudest shine you’ve ever seen!
NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Shine Loud Vegan High-Shine Long-Lasting Liquid Lipstick


In love!
I love this product! It goes in smoothly, lasts all day without drying out or diminishing. Keeps my lips feeling hydrated, and the color is beautiful and vibrant! Also the color options for this product is amazing, lots to choose from!
great dupe!
this is a great dupe of the one size lip and gloss duo! it goes on smoothly, lasts a long time and the color lasts all day! a great bang for your back!
Longest lasting
Very very good product! It lasts all day long! Not the gloss part of it but the actual lip color! And it does not transfer at all! Love the shade ranges and very very long lasting
Does not budge
This product is very long lasting and stays on the lips super well! I love that there's a gloss on the other side so that you can add some shine to the lips. The color is also super nice.
Love it
i love it! i really recommend it since it lasts all day and makes your lips look so cute.
Is a perfect duo. Stays on matte or gloss. I love the idea of options when it comes to makeup. So many colors.
Not long lasting
I typically love NYX lip products but this is just ok. The side with the color is super drying and if you layer it with the top coat it starts to peel. Maybe if this was two separate lip products I would be fine with but this is a no for me. Wouldn't recommend this type
Lipstick That Speaks Volumes
NYX has dialed up the wattage, delivering a high shine finish that's impossible to ignore. Shine Loud doesn't back down, it's like a lip endurance test that stands strong through sips, snacks, and maybe even a smooch or two. NYX understands the importance of cruelty free beauty, offering a vegan formula that's like a guilt free indulgence.
Affordable, good shine but doesn’t last
I was so excited to try this product out! I bought it with my own money few months ago because I kept seeing it on instagram. I love the shine it gives. Price point is also affordable as well. It doesn’t last as long as I hope for. Had to reapply after 2-3 hours or after eating a meal,
Run, don't walk
I have been a long wear lipstick for decades at this point. Until I found this NYX formula I was wearing another drugstore brand. The other brand was dry and would run into my lip fine lines, but not NYX. I now get so many compliments on how full and pretty my lips are, and they are not...it is all this lipstick!!
Long lasting!
Long lasting product that does not leave your lips dry. Comes in lots of colors. I love it.
Smudge proof!!!
I got this product due to the Tick Tock craze and I loved it!!. I only had to apply color once, i could use any gloss on top or the one that came with it. The color lasted on for two days, I had to remove with micellar water. I definitely recommend if you want a smudge proof lipstick that is glossy this is the one!!
I bought this product to wear for my sisters wedding as i wanted something long lasting that didn't need constant topping up. The top coat made the liquid lipstick part fall apart on my lips causing the product to ball up and stick to my teeth...not good when you're taking photos all day. Really bummed out because NYX always makes great products which is why i had so much hope for this one!
My go to
This has been my go to alotnlately. This is so long lasting you can't go wrong. I hope they come out with a lot of other colors. I will continue to try them because they are smooth and stay on for so long.
The perfect everyday color
This NYX lipstick is the perfect everyday color. Unlike other lipsticks I used to wear daily that required constant touch-ups, this one stays put for a long time, and I don't have to worry about constantly refreshing it. I highly recommend giving it a try; it might become your go-to lipstick as well.

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