Fenty Icon The Fill Semi-Matte Refillable Lipstick

4.6 5 0 24 24 A creamy, semi-matte lipstick in a range of high-pigment reds and neutrals for all skin tones that is made to be refillable—choose a shade and add the case to cart. This high-pigment, low-maintenance, long lasting lipstick is packed with moisture-plumping hyaluronic acid and conditioning vitamin C & E. You’ll reach for these soon-to-be-favorite shades again and again, so Rihanna designed Fenty Icon to be easily refillable with a design you’ll want to show off.
Fenty Icon The Fill Semi-Matte Refillable Lipstick


Great Lipstick
I love this lipstick! It goes on smoothly and does dry or cake down like some other lipsticks. It is very pigmented. I would highly recommend this lipstick
Absolutely gorgeous!
I'm a fan of RED lipstick and this Fenty brand is so smooth and crisp! I love the texture and shine while it stays on the lip without easily transferring! It can really compliment any look!
Just WOW
Omg.. I'm inlove with this lipstick the pigment is so intense just the way I like my lipsticks. This lipstick is amazing it applies really well, it doesn't crack or dry your lips like some lipstick do.I highly recommend this lipstick.
Is a good lipstick really affordable, so much variety of colors and good formula! I recommend this! Is really good and you can find this at any place
Very average lipstick
I think all the people who are leaving glowing reviews for this item are just fans who believe Rihanna is somehow qualified to be a cosmetic scientist and developed the lipstick herself. I tried this at my local Sephora, and it's just so-so. There are a ton of better lipsticks out there, such as Dior or even Urban Decay. It's easy for celebs to be handed a cosmetics line, or have their name licensed, because companies want to capitalize off the fame. Think of how many celebs have slapped their names on beauty or skincare lines. I doubt they have degrees in cosmetic chemistry. This lipstick does not have significant staying power, and the shades are nothing that you couldn't find in a thousand other brands. I think it's throwing your money away---there are better lipsticks at the same price point.
Fenty Icon The Fill Semi-Matte Refillable Lipstick
Love this lipstick it stay on along time
Fenty Icon The Fill Semi-Matte Refillable Lipstick
Love this lipstick it stay on along time
I am disappointed with my purchase, I was unaware that I needed to buy an additional product to assemble the lipstick like a kinder surprise. At least that brings all the parts, the color was pretty but it’s tiny and not worth the amount when your spending $25 on the lipstick & $15 for the attachment.
Cruelty free
Gently Icon semi matte Refillable lipstick is made to be seen.Designed to be refillable. It’s made to be refillable choose your shade than choose your case to complete your gently icon lipstick.
Smooth and silky
Great colors and silky feel. Last for along time too!
This is the best! Because it is soft and delicate to the touch it's not ruff.
Fenty matte lipstick
For me Fenty lipstick is one of the best. I like the formula. It is semi-matte which means my lips never feel dry like with other lipsticks. The color is rich in pigment, and you do not have to constantly reapply. I have several of these in different shades because I like to have lots of lipsticks that I actually like.
Fenty Icon The Fill Semi-Matte Refillable Lipstick
This Lipstick has a creamy, semi-matte finish and a lightweight feel and as a Rihanna fan who curated this lipstick is a plus It's made to be refillable so once I get to empty, I just purchase a new fill and I am good to go!
I love this lipstick. It is long lasting, has a beautiful color and compliments my skin tone. I would recommend this to everyone.
Love it
The best formula and easy apply, long lasting wear. Definitely would recommend to any of my friends

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