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Renuzit Snuggle SuperFresh Original Fabric Refresher
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Spring day!
Renuzit Snuggle SuperFresh Original Fabric Refresher smells soo great, it fills the room with a spring day smell! I use it on my beds to freshen between washes it is like i just took it out of the dryer clean smell. I also like to spray my sofa, loveseat and chairs really anything made with fabric because the smell is so incredible.
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love it
love the fresh scent, works great, freshness last a long while
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Strong odor eliminator
This is the strongest smelling fabric freshener I have ever used. You really smell it after you used for a long time and it works really good at making bad odors even really strong ones. The only downside was a few people who came to my house after I sprayed claimed the smell was over powering
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Works As Advertised. Good Product.
Clean scent, does take away odor without leaving perfume. Effective for stale car interior, pet areas, sports/gym stuff, musty closets, and the smell of smoke. Can be used for fabrics as well as an air spray. You don't really smell this after use, but your surroundings will just seem nicer, cleaner, or fresh.
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Snuggles renuzit great smelling must-try
I love the scent I received and the smell lasts a very long time after I sprayed my fabric down I could continue to smell the fabric freshener for multiple hours after spraying. There was no residue left on my furniture or curtains and the spray bottle have no problems working or correctly overall it's a great product.
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Love It
I love Snuggle and the scent of this is perfection. Its not overpowering or overwhelming! Its just perfect scent to refresh your home without it being over powering! I love using it on my couches and curtains! I have purchased two of these at a time to always have it on hand.
Works extremely well. Preferred over febreze, honestly.
Snuggle fresh
This leaves my house smelling so fresh and lasts all day. Absolutely pleased
Great product
I have been a loyal fan of febreze, but this spray is as good if not better. Plus it's less expensive
removes pets smells
My couch no longer smells like my dog has been in any way on it at all, I spray it and my family thinks that it is brand new couch. It removes the smell not just covers over it like an air freshner, would recommend
Great smell and long lasting
Renuzit Snuggle superfresh spray is insanely great!! It has the most clean refreshing smell ever. it does a great job at taking over any bad smell. The air smells so refreshed and clean. This is my go to air freshener!
Favorite Scent
This is my all-time favorite scent. I use nothing but this scent as my fabric softener and now they have it in a spray how exciting! I don’t think there could be any improvements it’s a very good brand very good sent and it lasts.
Smells good
Use this every week on furniture. I love the smell and it makes me feel furniture is a little fresher
Great Refresher
Snuggle Fabric Refresher has a nice and clean smell.. It helps take those odors out & has lasting refreshing scent & works on pet smells. Dries quickly. This will be in my home and maybe even the car:)
Long lasting!
Works great for pet odors and the scent lasts for a long time.

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