3.2 5 0 10 10 Reach new heights as Rudolph guides you to a bright fizzy bathing delight. The sweet marzipan scent will have you glowing as the cozy benzoin and rose put you into a relaxed state that even Dancer, Prancer and Vixen couldn't tease you out of. Add in sensuous skin softening cocoa butter and this bath will most certainly go down in history.
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My neice loved it!
My neice loved this cute little bath bomb and it was perfect for the holiday season. However it was quite crumpled appon receiving the product.
Don’t waste your money
It had a nice smell to it but also made my skin dry. If they where do more of a coconut oil in it, it might help a little bit.
Rudolph skin care
It is okay. It nothing to face about but it does contain a sweet marzipan scent that is refreshing but does very little in increasing softness of the skin even when I add cocoa butter
it is a cute idea. very good but i wonder if it is worth the cost
Rudolph the cutie
So this bath accessory was OK, but I wouldn't pay over $5 for another one. I wasn't really into the hot marzipan smell either, but the point was to soften my skin, and did it do that? Yes. My skin was very soft to the touch after and I appreciated that. Was it worth the $5.89 ? No
It looks like a really nice idea I will try to find it for a gift for my daughter inlaw
Buen día ,este producto Rudolph,es muy interesante,los aromas,mazapán,benjuí ,rosa ,prometen diversión para toda la familia ,es como llevar el aroma de la la navidad en tu piel.
Looks so funny.. It would be great for everyone to know about this..
Me encantaria probarlo se ve muy interesante y a mis niños les encatara
This looks really awesome and great timeing of the year to.Rudolph you'll be fawn'd of this is super nice.surely love to have it personally my self.Christmas is coming fast upon us.

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