Champú de naranja roja siciliana y casis negro de Not Your Mother

4.7 5 0 61 61 El Champú de naranja roja siciliana y casis negro de Not Your Mother es una mezcla inspirada en el Mediterráneo que hidrata para ayudar a restaurar la suavidad y la suavidad del cabello exuberante y tocable. Con el uso de poderosos productos botánicos, el champú Smooth & Soften limpia y revitaliza suavemente el cabello seco o encrespado hasta lograr un estado de suavidad hermoso y sedoso.
Champú de naranja roja siciliana y casis negro de Not Your Mother


Citrus Bliss for Your Strands
The Sicilian blood orange and black currant combo is a citrus symphony that turns your shower into a fragrant paradise. The aroma is invigorating without being overwhelming, leaving you with hair that not only looks good but smells absolutely divine. This shampoo is a champ when it comes to cleansing. It lathers up nicely, washing away the day's grime without stripping your hair of its natural oils. The formula is gentle yet effective, making it suitable for daily use. Plus it leaves your hair feeling squeaky clean without that dreaded weighed down sensation. One of the standout features is the infusion of natural ingredients. You can bid farewell to harsh chemicals because this shampoo is free from sulfates, parabens, and dyes. It's a win for those who are conscious about what goes into their hair care products!
I’ve loved all the products from not your mothers i’ve tried and this was no exception! It smells great and really makes my hair feel clean! It’s one of the first shampoos I’ve noticed an actual difference with! Definitely recommend
Love it
I love the not your mothers brand. This is one of my favorites. It smells so good and it leaves my hair soft and smooth. It partners good and rinses clean. It is a great dhampoo
I really like this shampoo. It smells good and lathers good. Makes my hair feel clean and soft. I am a big fan of Not Your Mother's is an easy dispense bottle. I would recommend this product.
Not bad
My hair is super long with naturally curly but in a weird way have straight fine hair running through it. I only was my hair once week to keep beautifully healthy. It work well on my hair type. Smelled amazing
Not For Me!
Personaly, This shampoo was way too hars For my hair & scalp. You know right after you use a clarifying shampoo and it's hard to run your fingers through your hair because your hair feels like straw? That's what it feels like with this shampoo. The scent is really nice, if not a little overpowering, but the smell doesn't last at all on my hair. I can't smell it once I get out of the shower after using the conditioner of the same line. My hair felt heavy the next day. My scalp just didn't feel fresh and I'm not new to sulfate free shampoo. I did use the conditioner as well so I’m thinking the heaviness came from the conditioner… Either way this formula for conditioner and shampoo it’s not for mei
Just what I was looking for
This shampoo left my hair feejing great, and smelling amazing! I have thick hair, and a lot of products leave it looking flat, with no shine. I honestly was not optimistic about using it. I was really surprised with the results! Not only did it give my hair body and shine, but it smelled amazing. I seriously want all my bath and body products to have that Scent!! I plan on using this shampoo and the matching conditioner for awhile. and can definitely recommend it!
The smell of this shampoo is envigorating! It makes your hair feel so soft
Smells great!
I love this brand! This shampoo and conditioner smell great and don’t fry out your hair, they come in different scents.
Really nice shampoo
I really like this shampoo. It does a great job of washing my hair without stripping it and drying it out. I do notice that I get some build up if I just use these products but if I use them in rotation with other hair products then it's fine. Overall, I do recommend this product.
Blood orange black shampoo
I really liked this product because it is definitely keep the moisture from escaping my scalp. My skin is always dried so this would help my hair grow better. The hair is always dried up. Blood orange black shampoo
I am in love with this product
I have been using this product nonstop for months now and I absolutely love it, the product smells amazing and leaves me feeling silky, I think that it is an amazing product for anyone that loves black currant
Great product!
I bought most of this live from Not your mother's line and this one was really great! It made my hair feel and smell great! I have fine straight hair.
I wanted to so badly love this conditoner, but it was so thick and weighed my hair down so much, it was too much for my hair. I bought it after I read reviews raving about it. I will say it does smell heavenly.
Not Your Mother's is one of my favorite hair care brands. I think they do everything well. This was the first shampoo that I have tried from them and I love it. It makes my hair feel clean and it also smells amazing.

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