Champú Royal Oils para aumentar la humectación de Head & Shoulders

4.8 5 0 78 78 El champú Royal Oils para aumentar la humectación de Head & Shoulders equilibra y restaura la salud del cuero cabelludo. La espuma rica y cremosa limpia, hidrata el cabello y alivia el cuero cabelludo seco y con comezón. Alivio diseñado por expertos para el cuero cabelludo con cabellos naturales, relajados, enroscados y en espiral.
Champú Royal Oils para aumentar la humectación de Head & Shoulders


Husband Likes
My husband normally buy the normal head and Shoulders which drys his scalp severely, so when finding Head and Shoulders Royal Oils Moisture Boost Shampoo he knew he wanted to try and so far he really enjoys the smell and how moisturizing it actually is
This company has come a long way in their products. I really like the fact that they are constantly changing and growing. I bought this unsure of what it was going to be like but was happy with my purchase.
Light Weight
This shampoo is very light weight and smells very good.
Wonderful shampoo!
This is a great shampoo, it does not dry your hair out like some of its competition. It has a great scent and is ok to use everyday if you need to. I would recommend to family and friends.
Perfect for Dandruff!!!
I was struggling with dandruff for the past few months, but after using this shampoo (and the royal oils conditioner) I found absolutely no dandruff after 1 wash!!! I would recommend to use this in combination with a scalp massager shampoo brush, and you can then kiss the dandruff goodbye!
Great shampoo
First and foremost, I think it's important to note that this product may have been made for people of color primarily in mind. For me, it's the name, the ingredients, and even the fragrance that brings that to mind. Customarily, I use Head & Shoulder's 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner product on my curly and coily hair for ease as well as to treat my dandruff problem. The Royal Oil shampoo has a similar texture as the aforementioned product, but with a smell that is light, yet musky. It's very refreshing! On rinsing it off, I find my head feels smooth, not waxy as some other shampoos leave your hair feeling. The conditioner feels like lotion when applied and doesn't appear to spread well. After leaving it in your hair for a while, however, I was surprised to notice how the product seemed to foam on my head making it much easier to rinse off. This too, of course, has the same refreshingly musky fragrance as its companion. I would definitely recommend giving this product as being fit for
Keeps Dandruff Away
Head and Shoulders has been my husband’s go-to shampoo for years now. He has a dry scalp so this shampoo really helps keep dandruff away. I tried it once and it made my hair feel kind of oily - it was not my favorite. It works for millions of people, though, so there’s that.
Great for high porosity 4b,4c hair
If you have high porosity natural hair highly recommend this shampoo. It actually cleans my scalp. Compared other shampoos that cost at least $20. It actually doesn't strip my hair as well. If you are on a budget I do recommend try this.
Good for dry scalp
My daughter was having issues with a dry scalp before we switched over to more natural hair products and this worked for her. Took the itch and dryness away. Again it’s a good product for the cheap price!
Love this product!
Love this shampoo! Amazing upgrade from traditional Head and Shoulders products! This smells amazing and makes my hair super soft. Great improvement in my dry scalp!
Amazing smell & works!
Love love the smell of this and the scent lasts longer than expected. It hydrates my hair well especially for the price point and similar priced comparison. I will definitely be using this more than my current brand!
Not the head and shoulders I remember
Growing up I never liked anything about head and shoulders, but I've changed my mind. Great smell, leaves hair soft, without weighing it down. Recommend to anyone looking for a dandruff shampoo
Great smell
I've wanted to try something that was good for my hair and got the dandruff out because I have alot and it works. This is my #1 go to I love the whole line of products .
Great product
It does what it says it's suppose to do. Helped after a handful of washes. I only wish the smell was stronger.
I have tried this and loved it. It helps with dandruff and smells so good. It leaves hair soft and shiny but not greasy. The bottle is super cute and catches your eye. Its affordable which is also a plus. I would recommend this shampoo to anyone with dandruff.

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