4.8 5 0 46 46 El champú Royal Oils para aumentar la humectación de Head & Shoulders equilibra y restaura la salud del cuero cabelludo. La espuma rica y cremosa limpia, hidrata el cabello y alivia el cuero cabelludo seco y con comezón. Alivio diseñado por expertos para el cuero cabelludo con cabellos naturales, relajados, enroscados y en espiral.
Champú Royal Oils para aumentar la humectación de Head & Shoulders
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Works great
It has horrible dandruff in this works really well to help cure that I've used it as well and it smells really good I definitely recommend using this project if you have dandruff can't even just for a great shampoo
I thought it was going to do better than the regular head and shoulders because I use it because I have psoracis but also dry hair but no it wasn't at all.
Love head and shoulders
I used head and shoulders for mild dandruff for years.this one with moroccan oil smells so amazing.the oils also keep your hair from drying out and keeps it moisturized.it keep down the dandruff
This product has done wonders to my hair. I have thick wavy hair and this definitely has made my hair look a lot healthy.
Love it keep my scalp flak free and clean the smell stay for a long time the soft clean look is wonderful and yes I would let everybody I know it is good.
Love how shiny this leaves my hair!
I use head and shoulders at least once a week. It’s the best to get rid of and control dandruff. It helps clarify my hair from all the product build up. I love the way this scent smells and it makes my hair super soft and manageable.
Very gentle
Like this shampoo, good fragrance, gentle on the skin, hair are shiny and moisture
Smells amazing!
I’m so excited to see that Head and Shoulders came out with this amazing shampoo. I’ve used H & S for years because other shampoos just don’t work well with my scalp but always wanted a new scent like other shampoos. This new H & S has me so excited the smell is amazing and still helps my scalp. Love it.
First time use was amazing!
I love this shampoo. It got my hair clean in one use, when I use other shampoos twice, and it was easy to rinse out. The bottle was easy to get the product out and the lid made for easy open and no spills. Good sized bottle for price as well.
Helps my scalp so much!
I suffer from very dry scalp and I tried about everything for my hair. I also have thick, coarse hair. Using this product for a week and I saw a huge difference. My scalp was not as dry as before and my hair was so soft. The smell is amazing, too!
Flakes be gone! FINALLY!
I've suffered from dandruff the majority of my life and after very much research, I finally found Head & Shoulders snuck in a new product without my knowledge! The Royal Oils Moisturizing line takes their great-for-the-average dandruff control and makes it all inclusive (read if you have plow worthy flakes on your head, this one's for you!)! Thank you Head & Shoulders, for giving me my ability to wear black shirts back!
Will stop the flakes. Perfect for POC hair
I was using regular head and shoulders and my scalp was still dry and flakey. I found out about the royal collection through Amazon.com. I am in love. After the first use, I noticed a difference. I now purchase the entire line except for the co-wash. Finally found a product that works great with my scalp and hair.
Soft hair finally
Something that works for my coarse dry unruly frizzy hair! It left my hair soft and workable, my scalp also feels much happier. It was hard to find local so I had to order mine but I hope they bring it to shelves near by soon, cause it's so worth it!
Very good, got my hair good and moisturized. If you're lacking moisture, this is the product for you.
I was totally surprised by this since it's head and shoulders. I actually really love this and it made my hair feel amazing and wasn't heavy. I would definitely recommend this even if you have oily hair!

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