Champú Royal Oils para aumentar la humectación de Head & Shoulders

4.8 5 0 60 60 El champú Royal Oils para aumentar la humectación de Head & Shoulders equilibra y restaura la salud del cuero cabelludo. La espuma rica y cremosa limpia, hidrata el cabello y alivia el cuero cabelludo seco y con comezón. Alivio diseñado por expertos para el cuero cabelludo con cabellos naturales, relajados, enroscados y en espiral.
Champú Royal Oils para aumentar la humectación de Head & Shoulders


Made the right choice
Made the decision to switch to head and shoulders total oils shampoo and my hair is looking healthier and shinier than before. Bye bye flakes and itchy
Best shampoo
This shampoo worked great for me. I love the smell and how it leaves my hair soft. It helped to keep the dandruff away making my hair smooth and shiny. I would buy again.
Love it!
I love how soft this shampoo makes my hair. My hair is usually pretty frizzy and this makes it lay nice and relaxed. Smells great too!
Found this on Amazon ... I love it so much I have it set on automatic delivery! I have bleached and colored hair and it balances my hair perfectly.
Un producto que no reseca el cuero cabelludo y deja el cabello suave
Moisturizing and preventing dandruff
Normally dandruff shampoos Typically make my hair very dry and course. But I was happy to discover this product because it really does moisturize my hair but also prevent dandruff at the same time. I love how it is from head and shoulders which is the leading brand on dandruff relief.
Head & Shoulders
Moisture boost is awesome. Helps with the dandruff and leaves your hair moisturized
Absolutely love it
It is a great shampoo. I’m fan of H&S but this one is truly great. It helped to moist my damaged hair and it looks healthy again
Superb Shampoo
I love this shampoo! It works to moisturize, nourish, and hydrate hair! I love how my hair feels silky smooth! Have that salon quality hair care right at home!
This is amazing... I have a sensitive scalp and this shampoo leaves my scalp nice and clean and removes all my flakes and the itchy scalp too while your hair is shinning and soft
no more itch
works helps loosen dried skin. Don't have to use multiple times a day. Smells good, leaves hair soft and Shiney.
My husband had lots of dandruff, but after discovering this line of products it completely went away. His scalp is healthier and not itchy anymore.
Mi esposo lo usa muy amenudi
Mi esposo le encanta este producto, el acostumbra usarlo diariamente.
Works great
It has horrible dandruff in this works really well to help cure that I've used it as well and it smells really good I definitely recommend using this project if you have dandruff can't even just for a great shampoo
I thought it was going to do better than the regular head and shoulders because I use it because I have psoracis but also dry hair but no it wasn't at all.

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