Crema facial humectante de agua de coco de Kopari Beauty

5 5 0 5 5 ¿Buscas una crema facial humectante rica en hidratación pero liviana para tu piel? La crema facial humectante de agua de coco de Kopari contiene componentes que favorecen la piel como el efecto estimulante de los péptidos del colágeno, extracto de rosa calmante, ácido hialurónico hidratante y agua de coco refrescante. Ideal para todo tipo de piel, si bien se ha elaborado teniendo en cuenta la piel grasa y mixta, su textura tipo gel-crema proporciona una sensación de suavidad a la piel sin que ésta se vea afectada por su peso. ¡Saluda a la nueva tú humectada!
Crema facial humectante de agua de coco de Kopari Beauty


Love Kopari
I love Kopari products and this does not disappoint one bit. This is moisturizing but not too heavy and wears well under makeup. I even wear it as a night cream occasionally.
Tried Om My Own
Got this Ina Korean beauty box. Love it! If you love beauty products from Asia I strongly recommend this one. Not all are created equal. It rivsks Toni and Molly.
Great product
Using this makes my skin feel softer, nourished, and not at all greasy like some other brands. It feels lightweight, and it’s gentle enough to use on sensitive skin. It rubbed into my skin so easily, and it restored some much needed moisture to my dry, wind-chapped face. It left my skin feeling soft and comfortable all day after using! Highly recommend!
This brand never disappoints
I've tried several products from this brand & I can't think of one that i didn't like. Including this moisturizer. It applies easily & quickly absords into my skin without feeling heavy or greasy. Makeup application was flawless overtop & my skin was subtle all day.
I love this brand
This brand is amazing I love everything about it and haven’t found an item I don’t like- this is particular is an amazing moisturizer! It feels so nice on the skin and I would absolutely recommend it to everyone

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