4.5 5 0 21 21 These cherry tomatoes are sun ripened and traditionally preserved and marinated. Add a luscious burst of flavour to your next pizza, pasta or salad.
Always Fresh Semi-Dried Cherry Tomatoes
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Always fresh, always tasty
Always fresh is one brand I frequently choose to use as I really love the taste whether it be semi dried tomatoes or other. The texture of this one is very nice. It's great in salads, as a side with crackers and dips, on pizza or in tarts and quices. Once the jar is open, it actually keeps for a long time in the fridge. Dash out, buy a jar and try it I say.
Variety of uses
These sundried cherry tomatoes have a sweetness that is not found in the normal sundried tomato products. We use for antipasto as well as pasta dishes, frittatas and soups. The volume of the jar means that you don't run out quickly. And as a bonus they are reasonably priced.
Love using these and use them in everything from pizza to salads 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Love the taste.❤️
Love the sweet flavour in savoury muffins, frittata, pasta salads & on antipasto plates - great pop of colour too. Very tomatoey.
Full of Flavour
I buy these cherry tomato's they are so tasty and full of flavour they give that extra taste to a meal.I have used them in Spaghetti Bolognese on home made pizza and an added touch to garden salad
Really yummy
I love adding these to pasta bakes. They are super yummy.
Definitely a pantry staple
Always used in pizzas and salads. Changes the taste of the food much more flavourable. One of the things always kept in the fridge!
Pantry staple
Always have a jar in the fridge. Great for sandwiches, wraps, quicker, pizza.
Tasty essential
We always have a jar of these in the fridge. Great to top a pizza with, or to add to a salad or sandwich. I tend to soak some of the oil off with a paper towel. The marinade has great flavour.
pantry staple
I usually have a jar or two of these semi-dried tomatoes in my cupboard/pantry as they are so versatile. They taste great and aren't too dry or salty, they are a bit oily although I do like the flavour of the marinade in the jar. They are great on homemade pizzas, pastas and even on top of salads to add a sweet, juicy texture.
Juicy and delicious
I loved how fresh these tasted, definitely have to drain the oil out but they are great as is or in meals!
Good staple
These are a good staple to have in the kitchen. The marinade is very nice, the sundried tomatoes are tart yet sweet and not oily. They are kept fresh and what I like about them is that they are not dry.
Juicy semi dried tomatoes
I liked these juicy semi dried tomatoes were bite sized and very enjoyable, great for the coming entertaining season and to add to salads. They are also handy to have a spare jar on hand in the pantry.
Love them!
These little sun dried cherry tomatoes are delicious! They are sweet and bursting with flavour. Fantastic on pizza and also really nice tossed through salads.
Always in the pantry
I always have these in my pantry. They are a great way to spark up a meal. About to add to my click and collect now.

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