2.9 5 0 20 20 Chickeney, salty, creamy. It’s delicious chicken salt mayo & it’s guaranteed to make you feel proudly Australian.
Praise Chicken Salt Chip Mayo
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I have only just bought this, an I must say I love it a lot. I am a big fan of all sorts of mayo, and I love chicken salt too - and this is the perfect combination of both. Weather on a home made hamburger, steak, or any other mean that need that little extra 'help' you cant go past this one. it is a winner !
Tastes like chicken chips
This is an interesting flavour, I didn't love it, but definitely goes well with certain foods. I thought it could be used in place of mayonaise, but doesn't work well everywhere that I'd use mayonaise. I didn't like it in a salad sandwich, but was nice for dipping carrot sticks or chips into. I definitely recommend giving it a try when it's half price. It has its place in certain meals.
Not too bad!
This was better than I had expected, it goes nicely with some hot chips or nuggets as an alternative to aioli or mayonnaise but does have a slightly artificial taste if you have too much of it
Overall it’s an alright flavour, I wouldn’t say it tastes like chicken salt though.
I wish I had read the reviews on this before I wasted my money. It was tasted and then went straight in the trash. There is no Chicken Salt flavour and it doesn't taste like Mayo either. It has a strange smell and taste.
I'm not a fan
Omg I did not like the taste at all. I had a little bit then in the bin it went omg it was yuck.
Great flavour, very nice. Goes perfect with chicken chippies!
Loved it and so did the family - a great alternative to Aoli
Where's the Chicken Salt?
I didn't mind this sauce, but I definitely would not have said it was a chicken salt flavour. Tastes kind of like mustard.
Only one is a fan in our household!
In a five person household only one person likes this product, the rest of us don’t like it at all. It definitely has a strange taste which is nothing like chicken salt, however the one person thinks it’s yummy! Just goes to show we all have different tastes. 😊
Praise chicken salt mayo
It is unique in a mayo I like it as it is unique, the flavour is very nice with chips and it could be used a dip with biscuits as well.
Not a fan
I tried this and love chicken salt, but i think this is really taking things too far with flavor combos, i was left with terrible after taste.
Very disappointing
"What a great idea, mayo and chicken salt in the same bottle! I'll give it a go... Unfortunately this product does not not taste like chicken salt at all, and doesn't taste like mayo either. It's got a really weird taste, almost like the product was off. After wasting my first chip, it went straight in the bin. I used normal mayo and good old chicken salt instead. Nice try, good concept. The taste, not as good. Disappointed.
Strange flavour
The flavour is off, very unusual and not at all pleasant. The texture is fine and the consistency too but where is the chicken salt taste? It's missing! It's not even a typical mayo flavour rather a strange taste that isn't nice. Shame as it's a fabulous idea and would be great if it tastes like how one would expect.
Its ok
I love chicken salt on my chips, however this is not as nice as it sounds taste wise. The chicken taste just isnt strong enough for me

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