2.8 5 0 5 5 Chickeney, salty, creamy. It’s delicious chicken salt mayo & it’s guaranteed to make you feel proudly Australian.
Praise Chicken Salt Chip Mayo
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Quality You Expect But Missed the Mark
Big fans of chicken salt in our house and similar to other reviews were excited to try this product. Problem is, despite the usual good quality you expect from this brand, they really missed the mark with the actual flavour of chicken salt in it! It’s a flavour that if it’s your thing, regardless of what brand you buy it in, the flavour is relatively the same across the board. And whatever this is? It just doesn’t have it. Was really odd. And quite a shame. I wouldn’t buy this again unless they go back and change the recipe.
Great concept but not great taste.
I never have plain salt like ever it's always chicken salt and I was excited to try this Mayo but was disappointed. It tastes weird to me and not like chicken salt I wouldn't even no how to explain the taste. Great concept but they defiently didnt nail it and need to rethink there recipe.
odd taste
I love chicken salt and i love mayo, so thought great, what a fab idea. Nope, id rather use chicken salt alone over my chips an dip in plain mayo! Which i love praise mayo!
Not as it says
The description is not the flavour you get when tasting this new mayo. I would liken it to the taste of a curry mayo, as a very mild curry flavour pervades the taste. This is not bad, but doesn't taste like chicken salt by any stretch of the imagination.
Pretty average-no wow factor here
I absolutely love chicken salt and I also absolutely love mayonnaise so I thought it would be tastebud heaven when I purchased this product. Unfortunately it had a weird very artificial taste (yes-I am aware that chicken salt is a long way from natural but this was a very chemical flavour) and the mayonnaise component just didn't seem to go with the chicken salt combination. It also seemed very sweet to me-more like a salad cream than real mayonnaise. All in all a fail I felt. Better just to stick to chicken salt and real mayonnaise separately sadly.

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