Hasbro Gaming Simon Micro Series

4.6 5 0 134 134 Go mobile with the Simon Micro Series game! This compact version of the classic Simon game is just like the game you already know. Watch the lights and remember how they go so you can repeat every sequence for the win. Play alone in Solo mode or play with friends in Pass It mode, but either way the Simon Action with this Micro Series game is going to be epic!
Hasbro Gaming Simon Micro Series


Great Christmas Gift
My siblings got this game for Christmas of 2023 and they loved it! They loved playing it and played it for hours. The parents even started to get involved and everyone was trying to see how far they could get into the game.
Travel size
Great to keep in car, or pack along. Small size and fun for kids, and retro fun for adults.
Fun for a while...
Simon is an interesting game based on reflexes and your ability to remember while punching the right colour in time; it's a tricky game that can be amusing once in a while but it's not an every day game (usually ends up in a closet or something and only brought out for game night/parties).
I love playing this games as a kid. I always want to see if I could bet my own score.
This game is good for the whole family to play . My kids ages range from 7 to 17 , they all love playing it!
Hasbro games have proven to be a tried and tested family classic choice for our family for games we love every single game we have from hasbro whether it be a old classic or a updated version.
Jeu très divertissant pour toute la famille. Idéal pour travailler sa mémoire à tout âge.
Honestly, I think the older version was more challenging but It's still great to stimulate the brain for young kiddos, still a fun game to own. Love a little competition when you are hosting a party ;-)
Love Simon
Bought this for the kids at work, and they love it. The pattern becomes a little predictable though as it just has one pattern so you could just memorize it, but most of our kids are young enough that they don't understand that.
Its a great way to pass the day
I love bop it but it's very loud. Simon says is challenging enough to be entertaining. And I like the 4 colours. You can play on your own or in a group. And thr batteries last quite a bit if time to die. So days of fun.
Fun interactive game for the whole family,not hard to teach to the kids ..good help with memory as well...not to expensive.
Hasbro Simon
This game is so much fun you can play it for hours.One person or with others very entertaining I highly recommend this game to anyone that is a gamer.
Warning very addictive
A highly recommended this toy. It's very addictive, even had adults going.
I played this with my child and my niece. They really enjoyed the game.
On the go
This game is great for trips in the car or cottage, any where really, but it is so small it is easy to bring with you and pass the time with family and friends.

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