Hasbro Gaming Simon Micro Series

4.6 5 0 100 100 Go mobile with the Simon Micro Series game! This compact version of the classic Simon game is just like the game you already know. Watch the lights and remember how they go so you can repeat every sequence for the win. Play alone in Solo mode or play with friends in Pass It mode, but either way the Simon Action with this Micro Series game is going to be epic!
Hasbro Gaming Simon Micro Series


I remembered this game from when I was a kid and was really excited to play the mini version with my kids. It’s just as fun and easy for travel. Brought back some fun memories.
Very very good
This was a lot of fun to play with and after I used it for a while my memory improved and it didn’t get boring after a few minutes.
Simple Fun
We have this version of Simon and our kids find it fun to pick up every once in a while. It’s small size is a play, especially compared to the Original, since our younger children have no problem handling it. It’s not ideal for travel since the sounds become annoying to others. It would be nice to have an option to turn off the audio or to have a headphone Jack.
Fun game for all
This is a quick game that almost anyone can play. My kids did get tired of it after a while though.
Great way to keep the mind stimulated
I think this is a great item for all ages. Keeps the mind sharp, time away from video games and TV. Can take it with you play with your friends or family.
Entertainment for hours
My daughter got this for Christmas and absolutely loves it. It is small enough to pack and take on a road trip or traveling overseas for long layer overs in airports! Definitely would recommend.
Lots of fun
I love this game. I can bring it with us on road trips and it is so retro. It is simple yet very entertaining. I am glad that it is still around because it was my favorite as a child as well.
Some fun with Simon
This game is so much fun! My children love to try and compete for the highest score. Even my husband and myself have had fun trying it. It is quite small so it fits perfectly in my childrens hands.
Love it!
This toy brings my so much joy as I had one as a child and today. The delightful core flash and it keeps u entertained for quite awhile. A game anyone could love.
Best for memory
This was my favorite game growing up, and it still is today. I own it and it is so much fun to play! I can't get enough of it. After you've completed a few levels it keeps getting faster and challenging. Fun for by yourself or for whole family.
Fun game
My grandson likes this game and finds it really funny when he is better at it than I am! Lol
Keeps the back seat quiet on long rides
Small, compact, easy to bring along, and entertaining for hours!
Kids love it
I work as an early childhood eductor ans kids just love playing with it. Alone or in groupes.
It’s starting by itself…
The game is cool, just the fact that it can star by itself and its hard to stopped..
Reminds me of my childhood
Absolutely love Simon! It reminds me of my childhood!

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