NIVEA Care Sensitive Cream

4.7 5 0 75 75 Looking for an everyday moisturizer for your sensitive skin? NIVEA Care Sensitive Cream to the rescue! Its non-greasy quick-absorbing formula melts right in, relieving redness caused by dry skin.
NIVEA Care Sensitive Cream


Love this
Love this product on my skin makes it so aoft
Skincare for sensitive skin, but bit oily
My mom loves Nivea, I can tell that I know the evolution of their packaging over the years because I have seen this brand at home forever. My daughter has sensitive skin, so I am purchasing more and more products that will be subtle and gentle so we both can use them, I gave it a try to this moisturizer, I like it, but I wont say I love it. It is hydrating, but it is a bit oily for my taste
Good for Michigan Weather
This is great for our rough Michigan Winters. Feels nice and smooth and leaves my skin feeling good and safe from cracking/splitting.
Good product
I love this product,Nivea products is all time my favourite. This is exactly I need for the dry weather and the fragrance is also good.
incredibly moisturizing
Nivea makes some of my favorite moisturizers! I love that the formula is quick absorbing and non greasy! I live in a dry climate and have eczema prone skin that can easily be triggered so I need products that are effective and help keep my skin!hydrated!
Non greasy and very moisturizing
This works great as a light, non-irritating face moisturizer and all-over moisturizer. It's really not at all greasy and gives quick hydration without leaving a residue. Absorbs quickly too!
I really like how my skin feels after application. It feels nice and think and has great coverage. I'm a huge Nivea fan and like their other products, it's amazing.
sore feet
Cant do pedicure so used this - good on cracked heels but takes a few days
Left my skin feeling soft and fresh. Would recommend to others.
Works well, great for sensitive skin
You can pick this up at any drug store, not only is it reasonably priced, doesn't have a scent, but is great for sensitive skin. I use this moisturizer a lot when my hands are dry and I like the way it absorbs.
The best
This is by far the best hand cream so far... during the cold winter weather I couldn’t leave without it and with COVID and sanitizing it really heals your skin I would definitely recommend
Great for sensitive skin!
I’ve always had dry skin and the constant sanitizing these days is just killing my hands. I was so impressed with the instant relief this cream provided. It softened my hands, cleared up the redness and after a couple days the cracked knuckles were no longer an issue. Blends in completely with no greasy feeling, has a very light, pleasant scent, not overpowering and easy on the nose. Great product! I’ve got one in the car and another in the house, so it’s always available when I need it.
Winter Moisturizer
Use this to get your skin through the cold winter months. It will soothe dry, cracked skin. I actually use this as a moisturizer for my hands and it provides almost instant relief.
Love Nivea
Bought it from shopers, as now is winter time, my hands are very dry, also because of covid-19 so we have to wash our hands a lot everyday. So I wanted to try this cream and see if it can help my hands. It smells pretty good and I like it because it's soft and my hands are feeling better now!
Love it
This is a great product. I use it almost every day. Doesnt leave any greasy residue on my skin like some other creams do.

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