4.8 5 0 51 51 Looking for an everyday moisturizer for your sensitive skin? NIVEA Care Sensitive Cream to the rescue! Its non-greasy quick-absorbing formula melts right in, relieving redness caused by dry skin.
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There can be only one.
If you have dry, burning hands, Nivea is by far the very best remedy for it. It's rich, but not oily. It soaks in fast and eases that stinging/burning, especially at the bendy spots. This is especially great if you have your hands in and out of a sink many times a day. Viva Nivea!
nivea care
super douce pour le corps une sensation de fraîcheur qui dure et elle sens très bonne
Love this cream, great for me and my daughter 's dry hands , especially in the winter season. Fast absorbing and no greasy feeling, redness and itchiness is gone after application of this cream, absolutely my favourite !
Jambes douces
Une crème parfaite que j'utilise pour les jambes pendant l'été et les mains pendant l'hiver. En une journée, on sens déjà la différence.
Love this product!
I love this product super easy to put in my purse due to its size. It left my skin so soft..love it!
Purse Staple
I love this mostly because it delivers on its promise to care for your skin - but in a gentle way. The tube also fits nicely in your purse and desk at work. I have bought multiple and the hold up well after washing your hands a couple of times.
odeur agréable, non grasse, pénetre bien la peau .
Five stars Great product
Loved it great product can’t wait to get free samples
Sensitive help
Nivea is a great name. This product is great for sensitive skin. You don’t need to use a lot and it is not greasy. I’d get it again.
Super soft
Makes your skin super soft. My skin was so dull a month ago, I saw this product on sale and purchased it and my skin became very soft and clean too. I like this product and gonna use this.
Loved it
Made skin feel nice. Would use again in future. Sometime hardto find in drugstoreas is a small comunity so will buy if go to city
Great product
Great moisturizing product with out leaving you hands feeling greasy. I am a nurse and use it everyday at work.
Keeps hands soft without feeling greasy feeling
Like this product it moisturizes and keeps hands soft especially for dry cracked hands.It absorbs without making your hands feel greasy as it moisturizes
Nivea Girl for over 30 years!
When I was knee-high to a grasshopper, I was inducted to the Nivea family. I started off with the original Nivea (Blue Tin) and when they came out with the Nivea Soft (White Tub), that became my go-to facial moisturizer. I use Nivea every single morning and night. Never skip a day. EVER! I've tried the Nivea Care for sensitive skin and I'm in love! Although I have sensitive skin, the Nivea family of products have never done anything but keep me looking fresh and young. Nivea Care, is just as good, if not better, than your regular Nivea. I can't say enough amazing things about Nivea!! Go get you some! Like... RIGHT NOW!!
Works awesome!
I tend to have very dry hands and this product really helps!

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