Play Day Max Liquidator Water Blaster Pool Toy 4-Pack

4.6 5 0 44 44 Unleash hours of fun with the Play Day Plastic Max Liquidator Water Blaster Pool Toy, 4pk Water Blasters. It packs all of the power of a much bigger blaster. Made of foam, it soaks up a lot and can even float on the water, too. The Max Liquidator water blaster look just like ordinary pool noodles but can actually shoot water up to 25 feet. It is also easy to use. Just pull the handle back to load it up and push it back it to shoot. It is sold as a pack of four. Have a blast with the Play Day Plastic Max Liquidator Water Blaster Pool Toy, 4pk. Children of all ages from brother, sister, mom, or dad will love playing with these Play Day Water Blasters - Great performance and great value exclusively available at Walmart and
Play Day Max Liquidator Water Blaster Pool Toy 4-Pack


Summer fun
Great for all ages to play on a hot day or in door pool to play in and we took a few in the outdoor water park my kids had so much fun all summer playing with those in our backyard
light weight
Very easy to use and lots of fun Great for kids and adult
Water splashers
These are excellent for kids they’d re so much fun. East to use. Lightweight colourful
Water Blaster
Me and my grandson have lots of fun using the blasters in the summer .
Play Day Max Liquidator Water Blaster Pool Toy
Great little toy for outdoor play, young kids enjoy using it in there small kiddie pool
Very fun
Very great water toys! I bought this because we don't have pool soi was searching for water toys! My son love it, we bought two so we can play war. Very easy to use and so much fun for the little one!
Fun for the whole family!
Amazing fun! They shoot upwards of 20+ feet for sure! Enjoyed by everybody, old and young. Would highly recommend trying yourself! They're a little bit cheaply made but for the fun you have and the price of them it's well worth it.
Family Fun
We have used these in our pool for years. Everyone in.the house loves them no hose needed for filling and they offer hours of endless fun. The only complaint is the plastic could be a little sturdier. Would defiently purchase and recommend to friends.
I have three kids with age gaps 4yrs old to 12 years old and this is a staple in our bag when we go to a pool or lake. They are a permanent fixture on our boat as well.
Great summer toy!
Perfect way to cool off while creating fun games.
lots of fun
A great way to keep cool with all your friends. This holds a nice amount of water and can shoot it a good distance away. Fun for the whole family, friends and neighbours to keep cool and wet.
There awesome
I bought these for my kids when they were little .I would fill up a big bucket of water because I didn't have a pool.they would run around having fun on a hot day.
Good for the kids
I personally am not a fan of getting a surprise shot in the face with these, but my son thinks it’s funny, so they’ll be around with us for at least another summer!
Great water toy!
My son and I loved this water toy! It was super easy to use for his smaller hands and super easy to grip! It shoots the water out so nicely and quite far too!! I love the fun colours and how they are mismatched from the end so you know it’s two separate pieces(the plunger and the putter shaft) it was super easy to use and super easy to love!

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