Vadrouille aspirateur sans fil Shark VACMOP Hard Floor (plancher) avec tampon jetable VACMOP

4,2 5 0 30 30 L’appareil Shark VACMOP™ combine une aspiration puissante et un nettoyage à la vadrouille à vapeur, le tout dans un tampon jetable. Aspirez les débris, absorbez les dégâts humides et jetez le tampon. Comprend 2 tampons jetables et une bouteille de VACMOP™ nettoyant multisurfaces pour planchers de 355 ml.
Vadrouille aspirateur sans fil Shark VACMOP Hard Floor (plancher) avec tampon jetable VACMOP


Great mop
Great for large or small spaces. Light weight. Easy to use and store.
Vraiment pratique
Très pratique ,pas encombrant rapide et sèche vite
I have mixed feelings about this unit. Yes, I like using one appliance to vacuum and wash a floor, and this is an innovative idea, but there are some things with this model that fail to impress.
Needed one that could reduce the 2 step process with dog hair
A friend highly recommended it to eliminate the big central vac cleaning first and then spray mopping. This seemed like a great idea but it did not perform as well as vacuuming first and then mopping. The vacuum did not pick up all of the dog hair and then the mop created more mess of the hair that was not picked up.
Vroom vroom
When i first saw this i felt like it was a bit expensive however compared to the mop i had before it left my floor without any gross residue i would definitely recommend this product.
Light weight
It's really easy to use and really light weights
A friend has it
Two of my friends have recommended me this product for its lightweight and quick cleaning.
Oh my gosh...I LOVE my Shark!!
This floor cleaner makes the job so much easier to have a dog, knowing the floor will be nice and clean after using the Shark. Vacuuming and moping with the Shark is just as easy as clean up afterwards. Simple and easy to use!
Good for wood floors
Works great on hard wood floors but has some trouble on tiles that have texture.
Good and bad in one package, only right for some people.
It struggles with pet hair when it gets wet.Since it can’t ‘suck up’ the wet hair well because the suction is at the front and the hair rolls onto the pad near the middle, you end up just moving hair around.While it says not to use it on totally liquid spills, it does super well with mixed spills, like thick sauces with vegetables.If you need a spot cleaner that’s lightweight and cordless for something like that, it’s great at that.The other thing I can praise it on is both the cordless design and the lightweight of the vacuum. I LOVE the idea of not having to separate or empty the solid from the liquid material.All the material stays in the ‘sponge’ and goes in the trash together. Having to replace pads is the downside. Overall, it’s not bad but it’s very specific uses mean it won’t be right for everyone.
Cordless is a definite plus. The weight is also good, not too heavy. I'm able to clean my apartment (1200sqft) with ease. The cleaning solution is alright, you can get away with store bought ones for refill
Good for the price
Got this last year on sale around Christmas, and have used it every day since. For the price point it’s great. Especially if you can get it on sale like I did. Depending on what you plan to use it for you may still need to sweep up first as the vacuum feature is only good for small bits. I usually keep my pad on for a couple days and then replace.
Convenience and space saving!
This machine is perfect for condos where people struggle to find a place for the numerous appliances one needs to have. I love it because it replaced two items. I also love the value of this product versus other brands. As usual, the product build is great. Overall, a good product, strongly recommended.
Qualité bof
La qualité de ce produit est plus ou moins bonne. J’avais plus d’attente et honnêtement c’est vraiment pas efficace. Sa nettoie bien, mais une feuille pour laver ne dure pas longtemps.
Très bon produit
Cette vadrouille aspirateur fonctionne très bien! Elle a une grande capacité d’aspiration, et elle nettoie très bien les planchers.


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