Skinfood 1957 Mask Wash Off Black Sugar 100g

5 5 0 11 11 Skinfood is making its comeback! Featuring Black Sugar which is rich with minerals and vitamins that are effective for extensive exfoliation without being too harsh on skin. Effective removal of dead skin cells leaving your skin radiant and firm.
Skinfood 1957 Mask Wash Off Black Sugar 100g


Berkesan dan melembutkan
Hampir 2 minggu cuba pakai, dan berkesan untuk hilangkan kesan parut jerawat. Kulit muka pun semakin lembut dan hilang jerawat halus.. it's not just the sugar, but it's a food for your skin
Cute packaging
I bought it at first due to the cute packaging, never thought that i will be repeating to buy it as it suits my skin . Nice smell too! Recommended to others to buy and add on these cutie on your shower shelf
my holy grail mask
Black white dan black head d bahagian kening, hidung dan dagu da makin kurang smnjak pkai mask ni, gosok dan biar selama 15-25 minit gitu terus basuh, lembut muka dan halus. Cepat kesan nya, wlwpun mahal tp berbaloi dgn kesan nya. Girlz, u must have one.
good product
natural scents of the face mask, i'm love it. Once removed, my face still feels hydrated and moisturized and no dry or tight feeling in the skin
mesti cuba
saya telah membeli produk ini. dan telah pakai dalam 7hari, kulit muka terlihat perbedaan, lebih mulus dan cerah berbanding sebelum pemakaian.
Good to try
I really enjoy using this Black Sugar Mask. After I wash off and pat try, my face is sooo smooth! Like a baby’s bottom. I like to use this once a week and is great for my oily skin. My nose pores look less visible after use and my face feels fresher and brighter. Like all the gunk and dead skin have been swept away. It has a wonderful smell and isn’t uncomfortable during the 15 mins I have it on. It doesn’t dry up like a clay mask would and stays pretty much the same as when your first apply it. Washing off is simple as the black sugar instantly melts and lathers up softly and the sugar comes off the skin easily. Once removed, my face still feels hydrated and moisturized and no dry or tight feeling in the skin. Just smooth and firm. Since it is an exfoliator I do make sure I complete the rest of my skincare after and use an especially moisturizing cream because I want to protect my new layer of skin once the dead skin has been removed.
Wash your dirt away!
i’ve been using this when i was in boarding school (8 years ago). it does help me to remove dirt on my skin and it doesnt harsh my skin at all. felt refreshed. i usually bought this at Sunway Pyramid. the store are not there anymore :(
Radiant and brighten skin
remove dead, dry surface skin cells and promote a smoother, more even skin texture
Gentle to skin
I have scrub from black sugar but different brand. I just loved using it because it suits my skin, it gave strong effect yet gentle to my skin. Used twice a week before sleep, wash and apply ur night routine as usual. It soothing and make ur skin feel soft.
One of my preffered face scrub choice
Love the natural scents of the face mask. I used to use as face scrub as the cleansing effect is good. It can be seen that my pores become smaller and a brighter and smoother face survey. Highly recommended
funk and ok
berkesan kulit tidak lagi berminyak dan kulit jadi tegang

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