Skintific Deep Pores Volcano Clay Cleansing Mask 55 g

4.9 5 0 45 45 Unclog your pores and unleash your confidence over the weekend with this volcano clay mask. Containing Alaska Volcano Clay which is proven to clean pores deeply and remove blackheads within 10 minutes.
Skintific Deep Pores Volcano Clay Cleansing Mask 55 g


Bye-Bye Blackheads
Clearer pores, bye-bye blackheads! Thanks to this volcano clay mask with Alaska Volcano Clay. Totally loving the results!
Good Clay Mask
My skin feels genuinely rejuvenated after using it - pores minimized, and a radiant glow. It's like a spa day at home. It cleanses deeply, leaving my skin refreshed and glowing.
Excellent product ever
Beli sebab terpengaruh dgn kawan2. Sekali guna wow memang best sangat.. rasa clear & smooth je kulit.
Best product
Best product...loveeekaksnjsjshshisisjsjsksiisisososososisus
Awesome mask!
I love how my face feels after using this mask! I really like the cool sensation I feel as I wash off the mask. I've been using this twice a week for over a month now, my pores are visibly less prominent and my skin feels amazing.
Scrub muka
Ni sangat sesuai untuk orang yang ada masalah pori terbuka and blackhead banyak. Sebab dia clearkan terus pori muka hangpa lepas kita cuci mask ni. Lagipun texture dia tak kasar so takkan rosakan kutikel kulit kita.
clay mask skintific
bagus untuk kulit, pores mengecil, rekomen produk .
Extremely like
After using it, I feel my face is clean and bright
Effective clay mask
I recently had the opportunity to try this. I found it reliable and effective clay mask. It clean my pores without stripping the skin moisturizer. I felt my skin clean and bouncy after using it.
Having a dull face, open pores and blackheads is indeed something that can cause low self esteem which is lead to poor mental health. Worry less, not anymore after I found Skintific Deep Pores Volcano Clay Mask, all the problems on the face gradually heals! I like the cold sensation the most. It also brighten the face immediately and reduce oil on the face. I will definitely recommend this product to my follower! Ladies and gentleman, this is the time for us to shine. Please takecare of your mental health by having a clean and healthy skin. Go get your Skintific Deep Pores Volcano Clay Mask to wipe all the problem!
i love it
good for my skin. no redness or allergies. make my skin feel so fresh and glow
Skintific volcano clay
Very recoomended....apply sedikit sahaja dapat cover seluruh muka...ada cooling effect waktu apply produk ni...and paling best my pore jadi bersih and nmpk mengecil...
clay mask
fallin in love !!! hilang segala minyak dekat muka sebelum tido pakai bangun psgi feeling dia lain macam ye sebab muka dah bersih sangat2
Volcano clay ini memang best pakai sebab apabila pakai dia mengurang minyak di muka dan blackhead berkurangan..pakai sebelum tido dan cuci.. muka terus rasa licin..
skintific the best . dah try memang berkesan and ada perubahan setelah beberapa minggu , cubalah try love skintific

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