Anathoth Tomato Relish

5 5 0 12 12 Naturally Gluten free. No Added Preservatives, Colours or Flavours. Product of New Zealand
Anathoth Tomato Relish


You will relish the taste
This Tomato Relish is always in our fridge, it's the family's favourite relish, and it's great in salads, sandwiches, with meats, and goes well with cheese, and curries; it certainly is an all-rounder.
This tomato relish is the best one I've tried yet. I put it in so many things such as sandwiches, wraps and burgers. Also gluten free as I am celiac which is perfect.
Anathoth Tomato Relish
The best bought Tomato Relish ever. Just like homemade, no nasty ingredients. Tasty with quite a few dishes too on the side. Definitely would recommend 100%.
Absolutely love this brand i buy all my relish,pickles and jams in tgis brand and would highly recommend
Gluten free
Very tasty. Just like mum made. Being celiac it is not easy to find good products. Most are full of sugar or other preservatives.
Just like home made
This is our go to relish, along with the rest of the Anathoth range. They taste the best ! Lower in sugar than most other brands. We love this range on a bread and cheese platter with friends on the weekends. Love that they taste like a home made preserve. You can't beat the taste or the range. If you haven't tried them, you really are missing out
Tomato relish
Definitely the best brand-very tasty , great for adding to several recipe
Pantry Staple
This is seriously one of the best relish in the market that has become a family staple in our pantry. Flavours are well balanced, and I love the mustard and lingering hit of chilli and spice. The best thing is the relish is gluten and vegan friendly.
Tastes Homemade
I really enjoy this relish, it is the closest to homemade taste. No unnecessary thickeners etc, just tomato relish the way it should be. I always have one in the fridge and love it with all sorts.
Perfect partnership
I always have this relish in the fridge My family and I absolutely love it on sammies and burgers it has become our sauce substitute.
So good
I love this relish, and all the other relishes these guys make. They remind me of the ones my now dead grandmother used to make when I was young.
Tomato relish
Works really well to add flavour to my food. Definitely recommend others to use. I love the different varieties of flavours. Maybe could be in a glass jar to make it easier and last longer.

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