5 5 0 8 8 A thick rich Syrup made with authentic balsamic vinegar from Modena, Italy. Ideal for sauces, seasoning or serving with meats, seafood or vegetables.
Delmaine Balsamic Vinegar Glaze
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Fancy drizzle
I have been using this as a finishing drizzle for many years now, as I really enjoy the flavour. Just a quick drizzle over any meal can really take it up a notch, to Masterchef presentation status. My favourite way to use this is as a drizzle over avocado on toast. I find this really elevates the flavour and takes it to the next level. 10/10 would recommend
Great topper!
I love the easy use of the Delmane Glaze, this goes well on salads and especially great for a basil, tomato and mozza dish. Nice and glossy, easy to use and store. Tastes great.
Balsamic Glaze
Use this over salads, bagels and pizza absolutely love it. Adds a nice favour to food and it goes a long way. I like that it has a thick texture
Fantastic Glaze
Absolutely love this product and have been using it for years. Fantastic over salad and great with steak and Asparagus. Makes your plate look like something from a fancy restaurant
Great over a salad, or on anything savoury! super delish.
Absolutely Delicious!
Delmaine Balsamic Vinegar Glaze takes meal flavours to the next level. It's a lovely thick glaze and you don't need more than a drizzle to enhance your meal (although I eat way more than that) I love it on chips, pizza and wraps. Also lovely to decorate plates for your next dinner party!
Tastiest condiment ever!
This is an item that is regularly on my shopping list! The entire family enjoys it, either on fruit or meats alike. Our picnic is never complete without it. Adds a delicious touch to any salad) Highly recommended.
Great for drizzling over salads. You can use for practically anything. Tasty and makes things look fancy instantly.

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