Chelsea Golden Syrup

4.9 5 0 17 17 A versatile and convenient pouring syrup ideal for all the family. Made to the tradtional NZ recipe. Great on ice cream pancakes or toast and crumpets.
Chelsea Golden Syrup


Reliable brand
This is the brand I always choose when buying Golden Syrup. The bottle makes is easy to squeeze with minimal mess. It is hard to get the last bit out which is a frustrating waste. Delicious in baking and on pancakes.
Childhood favourite
We have always had golden syrup in the cupboard growing up we usually had it on pancakes instead of maple syrup for a more interesting flavour, I use it in baking sometimes too only ever used this brand
good old syrup
Love this syrup on pancake! I've tried the syrup when baking caramelised cake and it's as good!
Yummy and convenient
Can't beat golden syrup on pancakes or crumpets, and what makes it really handy is that you don't have to deal with the mess of the old tins. A staple in a kiwi pantry.
The Best
Has always been a family favorite. Great Taste. I have tried other brands but they don't taste as good. Always come back to Chelsea.
A Classic
Has always been a classic in my household whether it be on crepes, crumpets or even a sundae! Always reminds me of Saturday mornings with the family.
A Kiwi staple
We all know and love Chelseas Golden Syrup. Thick, sweet and versatile. The bottle is easy to use without the mess you get with the tin. The only struggle is getting the last bit at the bottom!
Convenient and delicious
I like the convenience of this product. The traditional tin is messy and sticky, while this pour bottle makes drizzling syrup on your porridge or pikelets a breeze. Even if you make a mess, the bottle is easy to clean. The syrup itself is very sweet so you don't need much of it, which makes the product last longer.
This is an excellent syrup, very tasty. I would often use it on my toast with butter and peanut butter. I do buy it and would continue to do so for a long time. Easy to use bottle too!
All around syrup
We use this not only on pancakes but also when making the leche flan (egg milk custard). So easy, instead of making a caramelized sugar we just use this instead.
Great product
We always have Golden Syrup in our pantry. Beautifully thick and such great quality. We make Ginger Crunch reasonably often so our bottle doesn't last long.
This is a staple in our caravan kitchen. The kids love it on pancakes or French toast. A good substitute for the more expensive stuff and not too sugary
chelsea golden syrup
I use this product in baking it makes delicious ginger crunch
A waffles best friend!
Soooooo good, on waffle crumpets and ice cream! The right amount of sweet and the perfect squeeze bottle for the job. Only thing that would make this triple amazing is if the lid hole was slightly better. Otherwise it deserves the 5 star review!
An old famy favourite
A staple in our household! Perfect for crumpets, toast, waffles and even school sandwiches.

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