Chelsea Golden Syrup

4.9 5 0 25 25 A versatile and convenient pouring syrup ideal for all the family. Made to the tradtional NZ recipe. Great on ice cream pancakes or toast and crumpets.
Chelsea Golden Syrup


This is definately my go to syrip
The quality of this syrip is really good, and it has a squeeze bottle that works well. It is my fav on french toast.
Crumpets were on special this week so I had to buy some.. But... No topping.. Guess what... Yes you are right Golden Syrup was added to my trolley.. Happy Fi :) :)
A staple in the kitchen
Always have this in the kitchen, it’s useful in many ways. Great on pancakes, in Anzac biscuits, or in steamed pudding… The squeezy bottle makes it easy to use and I think I tend to use a bit less than using a knife in a tin or golden syrup.
It's very yummy and will last for ages on the shelf. Goes well with pancakes or in baking. Should be a staple in everyone's pantry.
Chelsea Golden Syrup
I have been using this Golden Syrup for many, many years. Great for baking, great on pikelets and great on scones. I love Chelsea products, and have never been disappointed with them.
Yummy syrup.
Nice taste. Versatile ingredient to many desserts, pan cakes and sandwiches. Much loved by our family. However, would prefer it to be slightly thicker.
My favourite
This golden syrup has been my all time favourite and is the only one I’ll eat. I have using this syrup since before I can remember.
A good product delivered by Chelsea as so all of them. Perfect for use in baking!
Reliable brand
This is the brand I always choose when buying Golden Syrup. The bottle makes is easy to squeeze with minimal mess. It is hard to get the last bit out which is a frustrating waste. Delicious in baking and on pancakes.
Childhood favourite
We have always had golden syrup in the cupboard growing up we usually had it on pancakes instead of maple syrup for a more interesting flavour, I use it in baking sometimes too only ever used this brand
good old syrup
Love this syrup on pancake! I've tried the syrup when baking caramelised cake and it's as good!
Yummy and convenient
Can't beat golden syrup on pancakes or crumpets, and what makes it really handy is that you don't have to deal with the mess of the old tins. A staple in a kiwi pantry.
The Best
Has always been a family favorite. Great Taste. I have tried other brands but they don't taste as good. Always come back to Chelsea.
A Classic
Has always been a classic in my household whether it be on crepes, crumpets or even a sundae! Always reminds me of Saturday mornings with the family.
A Kiwi staple
We all know and love Chelseas Golden Syrup. Thick, sweet and versatile. The bottle is easy to use without the mess you get with the tin. The only struggle is getting the last bit at the bottom!

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