Whitlocks Relish Beetroot & Balsamic Relish

4.5 5 0 15 15 Whitlocks Relish Beetroot & Balsamic Relish bought the delicious flavours of beetroot and balsamic together in sweet harmony.
Whitlocks Relish Beetroot & Balsamic Relish


Ok product , But not really a fan of relish tbh
Great taste
Have bought this product and use it in my ham and cheese toasted sandwiches for work lunches.. Love the taste and tecture.
Works perfect in my pasta salad. Very tasty. Loved by my kids aswell
The best relish
I really rate this relish. Not to tangy and not overpowered with onion. Pairs nicely in a toastie or to help flavor a roast beef
Love This Relish
Bought this for the first time over the holiday period. Paired it with freshly caught kahawai that we’d just smoked on sliced breadsticks with a small dollop of cream cheese. Just stunning!
Perfect for cheese pairing!
Bought over festive season, put out with crackers and cheese. Flavors went well together, everyone raved about it, will definitely keep 1 in pantry for next special occasion
beetroot lover
no one else in my house likes beetroot so this is perfect for me. i added it to salads and even toasted sandwiches. Great to get my beetroot fix without having to buy a can.
Have an open mind
This was an experience and a half, you really need an open mind to try this. It’s not bad just not what I had pre-conceived in my head on how it would taste so I was disappointed. I won’t buy again as I didn’t like it, but would encourage others to at least try it and go with that open mind.
Deliciously good
We enjoy having an antipasta type platter at home and this beetroot and balsamic addition is a favourite. Having tried many beetroot based spreads this is among our favourites. A little specialty bread, a little cheese with this beetroot and balsamic is perfection.
Very good
Perfect balance between sweet and tangy, goes well with chicken and most cheeses, also quite nice in burgers.
Best relish
This brand has the best relish, love the whole range. Great in sandwiches.
Brilliant relish
These relishes are truly yummy - great with meat, antipasta and crackers. I'll buy the whole range!
Loved it
Not too sweet, divine on cheese! Loved the flavour and texture.
Yummy with quiche
Tried this recently with a vege quiche. Was delicious. Also very nice with cheese and crackers. Would definitely purchase again
Nice relish
A nice relish to bring out with a cheeseboard. Well priced too. A good all round relish for everyone.

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