Heinz Seriously Good Garlic Aoili

4.8 5 0 52 52 Made with free range whole eggs and no added flavours or artificial colours, this is one SERIOUSLY GOOD aioli. Keep things classic by using it as a dip for hot chips and wedges, or as a sandwich or wrap spread for a hit of tangy flavour.
Heinz Seriously Good Garlic Aoili


Love it
I like this garlic aioli and I always keep it in my fridge.
Best Condiment
Lives up to its name as a seriously good condiment. Made with free-range whole eggs and free from added flavours or artificial colours, it offers an authentic and tangy flavour. It pairs perfectly as a dip for hot chips and wedges, or as a spread for sandwiches and wraps, adding a delightful kick. Whether used as a dip or spread, Heinz Seriously Good Garlic Aioli is a must-have for garlic lovers seeking a tasty and high-quality condiment.
Great product
Love this stuff. Probably one of, if not the best Aioli I've had.
This is a great product. Pleasant tasting without any artificial garlic taste.
Good garlic aioli for its price, great dip for wedges, chips, and chicken slider!
Delicious, but had better
This is really delicious, but I have had better. In saying that though I would buy this again, it has a creamy, quality taste and goes especially good with fish and chips. It's my husband's favourite.
best aoli for me
Honestly, anything heinz is good for me. Awesome on burgers.
Great Product
We enjoy this Aioli. On Sandwiches, Burgers. Its tasty. Liked by the whole family
Great product
Great amount of flavour, awesome with kumara chips. Would recommend
Best Aioli ever
We have tried numerous other brands but i always end up buying this when the other brand is not eaten. It's a creamy, texture and tastes fab. Highly recommend to Aioli lovers.
Love how I has eggs in it
Love this Aioli. Delicious perfect with salads, in sandwich and with fries. Love it has real eggs in it. Good value for money
Yummy with ham on toast
Yes with ham on toast the best love this
It is seriously good
I have tried various aioli brands and we always go back to this one. It is creamy, great texture and tastes so good.
Great if you are a fan of garlic
Really yum, Great for hot chips with a good garlic kick
heinz garlic aioli
love it so much i add it to a lot of meals it tastes so yummy

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