Oishi Spicy Seafood Curls

4.9 5 0 38 38 This exotic snack is made from puffed tapioca and flavored with a spicy shrimp taste, resulting in a light, airy, and absolutely irresistible chip.
Oishi Spicy Seafood Curls


love the item
this product was very good and edible, good to eat while doing something like chatting with friends, watching tv or movie and many more
Great for pika pika
I really like Oishi products. This one is sakto lang for me and malalasahan ko talaga ang seafood. If I crave for something salty and spicy I opt for Oishi products like this one.
what a curls
Oishi always amazes me..this is so good. During reviews and studies of my kids..we have this on our table. Even during movie marathon...always oishi
Best partner for beers!
Drinking night would be great if this snack is included. Flavorful chip. Balanced flavor, not too much spicy. Best enjoyed while drinking.
Party in my mouth!
This is so totally addicting! Crispy and salty and spicy! Perfect snack for movie night, game night, any night! Yum yum yum! I just wish it came in bigger bags big enough for sharing
what it tastes
its crispy,and delicious its not too much spicy i liked it because it tastes a bit spicy yet not too salty.. crunchy..add a little bit of spices and do not make it taste to much over powered
It has been my personal favorite for the longest time. I love that it's not to salty. It's my go to snack whenever I am craving for something spicy. Highly recommend to those who like spicy food.
Spicy sweet salty
My colleague influenced me with this snack.... Can't resist it from that day...the Spicy caramel like sweetness balnaced the saltiness of this snack. You should try...
Love this
Love this crispy snack. Not too salty. There is a hint of sweetness to it. The spiciness is tolerable even for a non-spicy eater.
We love this! Not too salty like other oishi shrimp cracklings. The spiciness is tolerable and very tasty. Its a must have when watching Netflix with ice cold coke
spicy shrimp
we always buy this everytime we go to grocery. my husband like it very much because of the shrimp and spicy flavor and it is not too salty. I think the taste is very original, we highly recommend it
Tasty and spicy
It's very good and tasty. The crunch and the taste of the shrimp can be tasted.
Spicy satisfied
One of our favorite snacks. Me and My family are spicy lovers and we also influence our family friends to buy it as we always offer it whenever they visit us
I love this oishi snack its not that salty and the spicyness makes it more appetising..this is my go to snack whenever we travel or just had a normal bonding time with my family.
Favorite Chips
Everyweek when I am going to province I always buy this Oishi product super sarap and crunchy

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