3.6 5 0 212 212 Milkybar® Mix Ups are here! An exciting mix of Milkybar® white chocolate pieces with a delicious creamy-tasting cocoa filling and milk chocolate pieces with a delicious creamy-tasting milky filling.
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Chocolate goodness
White choc is my fave the mix of white and milk choc is just right they just melt in your mouth.
Naughty Treat!
Love these! In fact all the family love these! Great choice if you can't decide what chocolate you want. We play a game of guessing which one we will pick out. They are very satisfying.
Didn’t like
I didn’t like these they just didn’t seem to go together very nice. Either milk or white chocolate on its own for me
A bit of a let down
When it comes to white chocolate , Milkybar for me is the absolute best. However when you put their Nestle milk chocolate into the mix it just doesn't work. The chocolate tastes waxy and not very pleasant.
Yummy and fun!
These remind me of Vice Versas which I had as a child! I was sad when they were discontinued so I was very happy when I saw these! They are really delicious and I love that you get two different taste sensations in one bag!
Looks great,as a a choaholic i would love to keep a box on my desk
Tastes amazing
Tastes amazing & the mix of white chocolate and normal chocolate makes it perfect
Nice to try something new
These were a nice twist on a original chocolate button, my daughter liked that it had a different colour inside when she bit into it. I think I prefer the slimness of the original buttons but I did like trying these
Choccy/ milky combo?
Milk chocolate takes over the white chocolate flavour. Bit disappointed as thought would be a great combination. Shall be keeping to just milky bar buttons
Not everyone's cup of tea
Although I enjoyed the taste of these, I think they are an acquired taste.
Nice but not as nice as I thought
These are nice but not as nice as I thought they would be, I was expecting a bit more from them they sound amazing but just fail to taste amazing don’t get me wrong they are nice but need a bit more flavour off the white chcolate it’s lacking some taste
I loveeee these! Buy them now! you wont be disappointed!
Love these
Really loved these and the kids did to!! I do think that the milk chocolate took over the white tho taste wise, but still a massive thumbs up from me!
Doesn't taste the same
I didn't think that the chocolate tasted the same quality as previous milky bar products. They also had a bit of a strange texture. I won't be trying again.
Stick to the original
Upon tasting these they are nothing like the milky bar in taste they are not soft silky. Chocolate and are quiet hard

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