Nutrition Geeks Turmeric Tablets with Black Pepper & Ginger

4.6 5 0 29 29 Curcumin is the main beneficial active compound in turmeric. Most of our competitors provide turmeric powder capsules that only contain around 3% curcumin vs our 95% high strength extract. Each daily serving (2 tablets) has been formulated to provide the equivalent of 2000mg of the highest quality turmeric (35:1 Extract), 1000mg (23:1 Extract) of Ginger and 200mg (10:1 Extract) of black pepper (piperine).
Nutrition Geeks Turmeric Tablets with Black Pepper & Ginger


Not what I expected.
It doesn't work the same for everyone. I used it a few weeks ago, but to relieve the pain from my knees, it didn't work for me.
Love tumeric
Tumeric is super good for you if you want an anti-inflammatory product. Really recommend at least giving it a go
Nutrition geeks turmeric tablets with black pepper and ginger
have been using these for a few weeks. They seem to help with the joints and also seem to give me some energy no idea why but definitely will keep using them. I am not over keen on ginger but it’s not to bad on the pills if you take a drink to wash them down. I would recommend them yes and for the price they are worth it.
Works wonderful
I have been using it for a week. I can already feel the difference, easy to swallow no sides effects so far so good highly recommended by my friend and now I can honestly recommend.
Nutrition Geeks
Started using the turmeric tabs a few weeks ago as I suffer badly with inflammation due to having rheumatoid arthritis and have seen a difference in my symptoms in the mornings when it's at its worst so I will definitely be continuing with them to see if it keeps improving
So tiny yet so powerfully!
I have been using these fir 6 months+. I have noticed a huge difference in my aches and pains in my joints, they are mostly gone. In the winter my knees used to get very painful, but these definitely have helped with the pain, I don't notice it now. I recommend these to everyone! A few family members have started taking them on my recommendation and have noticed a difference, they do work!
Love these!
Easy to take and gave me a boost of energy when I needed it. Also feel like I’m less bloated too
Eco friendly packages
I love the eco friendly package and small pills easy to use . Will use again
Love this product
I have tried numerous tumeric for pain relief as it's a natural antiinflammatory it's great and a lot stronger than some shop bought I would say within 10days I saw a significant difference in my pain
Not great
Did like these at all very weak tablets and expensive
Support for body
This product is really good for my body support. I use.
Helped my arthritis and inflammation!
I have been using Nutrition Geeks Turmeric Tablets with Black Pepper & Ginger for over a year now and have been so pleased with the results. I started to use it due to early onset of arthritis in my hands and feet. It has helped and has made waking up in the morning a little less painful! My joints move better, my hands are less cripples and my knuckles are less swollen. I have tested it by missing it for a couple of days and have tried other brands in the interim to double check if it was the product vs placebo and I can safely say that it is the product. I have been so happy with it and have recommended it to other people that I know and I will definitely keep using it.
Geeks tumeric
Have these everyday helps with joint pain and an array of other things
Glad i found these
Glad i found these, i had read about the benefits of turmeric a while ago and found a recipe on line for golden milk which included all of what is in these tablets, for me the golden milk was awful! these are so much better.
Very good
I take these everyday along with other vitamins to help keep my immune system working and also to help. The combination seems good to me and is definitely helping together with the other supplements. I like that they are small and don’t taste bad

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