Vitabiotics Menopace Max Dual Pack 28 Days Supply

4.4 5 0 51 51 THE "ULTIMATE" MENOPACE FORMULA Menopace Max from Vitabiotics is the most comprehensive supplement in the Menopace range, for maximum nutritional support during and after the menopause. With calcium plus standardised isoflavones from both Soya and Red Clover. WITH MENOFLAVON RED CLOVER ISOFLAVONES 40mg Isoflavones as used in nutritional research The Menoflavon botanical extract used (Red Clover Extract IFL 40, USP 32) is of the highest quality United States Pharmacopeia (USP) standard and is a food supplement produced under high standards of quality control.
Vitabiotics Menopace Max Dual Pack 28 Days Supply


I bought it for my mom
My mom has been struggling with menopause symptoms for quite some time now and she tried multiple supplements. I bought her these supplements hoping that it will help her and ,surprisingly, it did. She actually asked me if I could get some more for her because she's finally feeling better while taking these vitamins. The biggest problem was the hot flushes and now she's doing so much better.
Did nothing for me
I tried these for 3 months and didn’t find that they helped with symptoms at all. HRT was what worked in the end for my hot flushes, anxiety and lack of sleep.
Personally didn't help
I don't feel that these made any difference to me. Ended up on hrt in the end so to be fair to the product, I have given it an ok as it may have been that my hormones were too over the place for this to work.
I thought this would help and probably did help initially but unsure if my body has just adjusted to it, as no longer seems to do anything. Expensive for the reward - I’d look around and try others in future.
Good for this time of life
I bought these for my mum as I didn’t find any similar products for ladies in this period of time she liked them and I guess they have all the vitamins she need as well. She’s happy about them
Great for hair
These are a real help to me. My hair had really thinned out during menopause, this had really improved it.
I tried this product and it work really well, but after a few months it seemed to stop working for me, as hey ho with a bang my hot flushes came back.
Menopause supplement
Tried many menopause remedy’s and took this one for 4 months. Quite an investment but I thought it would help with at least one of my symptoms. I was very disappointed as I saw no change in mood swings, night and day sweats or palpitations. Not something I am going to invest in I’m afraid.
Helped with hot flashes and sleep , would recommend
Less hot flushes
I have been using Menopace Max for a couple of months now and my hot flushes seem to have got less, so I guess it's working.
Improved sleep
Less night sweats, slight improvement with sleep and my nails appear to be stronger
This product really help keep me healthy and calm. I’m really recommend .
Would buy again
This product as been a god sent helped with my night sweats flushes and sleeplessness.
Best supplement
Been using these tablets for quite a while. Has really improved hot flushes and sleeplessness.
Okay for short term
My wife took these to relive some of the pain and tiredness she gets during that time, these did help to begin with for the first 2 weeks but then back to normal, these may suit some.

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