The Vegetarian Butcher Little Peckers Vegan Chicken Nuggets 300g

4.8 5 0 30 30 The perfect snack to munch on, these vegan nuggets are made from soy and are a rich source of plant based protein, fibre, vitamin B12 and iron. Pair them with a side of ketchup or any dipping sauce of your choice, and you have the perfect vegan meal. The Vegetarian Butcher was founded by Jaap Korteweg, a 9th generation farmer and meat lover. Having chosen the vegetarian way of life, his goal was to produce delicious vegetarian meat that tastes even better than the original.
The Vegetarian Butcher Little Peckers Vegan Chicken Nuggets 300g


Great up and coming brand!
My family didn’t realise they weren't chicken! These dippers were moist and flavoursome. I've been vegetarian for over 35 years and do tend to find there is a difference between vegetarian and vegan, "fake meats" and I tend to have a preference for vegetarian. These include really enjoyed and I would buy over several vegetarian dippers from my usual brands. Impressed!
Very tasty
Really tasty & good alternative to meat, I’m not a vegan / vegetarian however often opt for alternatives and this is a really good fit. Reasonable price.
Very nice.
These are so good. Taste like the real thing! A must have!
Lovely meat alternative
I have been trying to eat less meat in my diet and looking for good alternatives for myself and the kids and these did not disappoint. My daughter loves chicken nuggets and in her words “they taste amazing”. Will be adding these to the weekly shopping list for a midweek treat.
One of the best meat substitutes out there
I have been a vegetarian for over 12 years now and have had my fair share of meat substitutes. Chicken substitutes I always find the best and this didn’t disappoint. It’s quite similar to other leading meatless brands but in my opinion, higher quality. Tastes great, looks good, no complaints from me!
Yum yum Gone
One of the best on the market, tasty , juicy and filling. Versatile - served with many different dishes - and on own. Value for money . Just need family sized packs . Highly recommend
Very tasty my whole family loves them specially the coating.
great replacement
Amazing vegan replacement to chicken. Texture was good, they crisp up and tasted great. Would highly recommend for someone wanting to make simple swaps without too much change to quality and taste
Yummy yum yum peckers
I am always on a lookout for new vegan-friendly food and these Little Peckers didn't disappoint me. Nuggets are crunchy and are also very tasty. It's hard to find an alternative that tastes as good as these.
Wouldn’t have any other nugs!
These nuggets are delicious! A lot of vegan nuggets are bland and have a mushy consistency whereas these go nice and crispy when you cook them. I enjoy the texture as it’s firmer. Would 100 percent recommend
Purchased in Error
I purchased a packet in error and now I have to add them to our shopping list as the grandchildren love them.
Great alternative
Me and my family eat chicken almost everyday of the week so we know the difference between other imitations out there. This as a chicken nugget is surprisingly good in regards to texture and juiciness it could do with a little more seasoning and spice but over all good chicken dipper when freshly cooked.
Almost the real thing
Exceeded expectations- rich texture and the taste was nice too. Kids loved, which is great. Healthy meal change that I will be doing again. Just not that easy to find hopefully be sourced in more shops going forward
Great product
Really hard to find good alternatives which taste as great as these. My little one loved them and so did i
Finally something that has the right texture comparable to genuine chicken nuggets. The vitamins it contains is a real plus as well.

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