4.3 5 0 26 26 Delicious and smooth. A whole lot of coconut. With added calcium & vitamins. Coconut perfection no taste bud can resist. Gluten, dairy and soy free. No added sugar - contains naturally occurring sugars. No preservatives or colours. Suitable for vegetarians. Kosher.
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i have used this a few times in my cereals as a bit of a health boost but i will admit i have loved using it to make lattes and other coconut drinks even a naught hotchoclate and found it very pleasent
Taste of the sunshine
Great milk alternative. Use it with cereal or even a coconut milk latte. Nice taste that’s not too sweet but perfect do you don’t add any sugar. A pure natural drink. Smooth and an easy drink
Delicious, rich.
Very rich and milky. Not very thick but not watery either. The price is a little high for the size of the bottle and it can be a little too rich for everyday consumption. I would only recommend it for an every now and then treat.
Surprising smooth and creamy. Was the perfect addition to my my morning coffee. It is a little pricey so I wouldn’t buy as part of my weekly shop but will look out for it on offers.
Very watery
Not really much of coconut its mostly water and very expensive for what it is - another gimmick the gym poser brigade will lap up. I prefer using a can of real coconut milk and just drinking straight after mixing or adding water you can make what this essentially is at 1/3rd the price.
Smells like holidays!
I actually tried this last week for the first time. Its an incredibly high quality product and this is reflected in the taste and scent. I do feel it’s a little too strong. I am still trying to find creative ways to use the product
It was too sweet and didn't taste nice. Will not be buying it again. Was disappointed as i love coconut.
Refreshing & hydrating
Gives a great boost for energy and it's quick to hydrate you with a great taste even kids enjoy. High in potassium and lots of other benefits as well! Highly recommend trying 😊
Best thing
I usually don't drink regular milk so this coconut milk is the best alternative to milk. I can feel the coconut taste. I can pour it in the coffee or even mix it with cereals.
Great tasting and a great alternative to milk
My daughter has a dairy allergy so we try lots of different milk alternatives, Vita Coco is her favourite and mine. Has a great light coconut taste, so refreshing. Really lovely served chilled on warm evenings.
way to sweet
too much of a sickly sweet taste, overpowered anything I put it in. will not buy again
Tastes great
I purchased this with the plan to use it as a refreshing drink rather than an alternative to milk. It was an enjoyable drink, I made sure I chilled it and served it with ice. It’s very tasty.
So tasty
Love this milk alternative, so refreshing and smooth to drink
I have used and still use for making smoothies. This gives it a month re durable thickness as it's a water and not a milk it helps go down another when my children are feeling poorly/unwell it's hard to get them to eat anything so I use this cocount water to make them a banana smoothie. The kids as well as myself live it as it's not so thick like when you use milk.
Just ok
I found it alright to drink however in tea found it too thin and didn't taste nice. It's nice to have alone and refreshing not bad but I've tasted much better

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