Mega Value Slipsilk™ Scrunchie Set

4.8 5 0 229 229 These scrunchies will upgrade your hair-tie game. They are designed to avoid hair creases and are made with slipsilk™ to be gentle on delicate hair. Its wide surface area and high-grade silk mean the slip® scrunchie is designed to reduce those annoying ridges caused by regular hair elastics.
Mega Value Slipsilk™ Scrunchie Set


Great Every Day Hair Ties
I enjoyed using these hair ties. I found that they were gentle on my hair as well as my little one's hair. I like that they came in a multi-pack. I keep some in my car, purse and at home because I do not want to be without them. I would definitely buy these again in the future.
sodt, silky, safe for your hair
Love these! I love how these look and feel, and I love how good these are for your hair. First, they are shiny and soft-- so pretty. Most importantly, they help promote safe hair with less shedding and breakage. They stay in place (and I have thick hair), and they don't leave a terrible indentation in my hair. This value pack is the best deal-- more product for the price. Trust me, more is better-- you'll want to always have these handy.
I was gifted the Mega Value Slipsilk Scrunchie Set for Christmas and I think that they are so cute and I love that they are made with silk to not only decrease the likelihood of creasing, but also damage to your hair.
Regality In Every Look
A curated ensemble of silk scrunchies that transforms your everyday hair accessory into a regal statement, providing a pampering embrace for your hair. It's like a gentle caress for your hair! Slip understands the art of luxury in haircare, and these scrunchies are like a soft, silk symphony that glides smoothly over your locks, preventing tangles and breakage while adding a touch of opulence. The Mega Value Set is like an artist's selection, featuring an array of sophisticated hues that effortlessly complement any hairstyle or outfit, allowing you to weave a touch of regality into every look.
I like that there are a variety of colors and sizes available. These did not pull out my hair when I take them out. The pink is my favorite color option.
Love it
Love these scrunchies ! It would be nice if they added a few more color options.
Great scrunchies
I love these hair ties! I mainly use them to hold my heatless curler in place. At first I was worried they would leave a mark or indent towards the bottom of my hair, but they do not. I also use these to keep my bun in place and no indents. I would definitely recommend these to anyone.
Hair scrunchiez
I absolutely love these hair bands they do not damage or pull on your hair. I would definitely re buy again
Silk scrunchies are a game changer
I didn’t think I’d notice much difference with the silk scrunchies than any other ones I use but I was way wrong. I never noticed how much hair ties tug and pull on my hair until I switched to silk and the hair ties just slide right off zero damage. I also have long thick hair and I’m use to constantly having to buy new hair ties because I’ll stretch them out or they’ll snap but these have lasted me a while!
Works like it should
Who don't like hair ties boy I can tell you I go though a lot of hair ties. I purchased these hair ties because my hair is so heavy it breaks the elastic in them before you know it. So I like the way these looked and I figured why not. Let's give these a try.
I like the texture of it, soft and stretchy also It doesn’t pull my hair. Will recommend to friends for sure.
Great Hair Scrunchie!
It came with 3 different colors and does not pull on my hair causing it damage. The material is very soft and I don't get a headache while using this product.
Tayshia 9to9 Night Collection
I DEFINITELY LOVE HOW SILKY IT IS, IM A SCRUNCHIE LOVER NO BREAKAGE, it's also a nighttime collection and will hold and stretches to my liking.
Gentle on hair
When I use these scrunchies, I notice that my hair is not breaking when I remove the ties from my hair. They are smooth and very pretty. I love that they are so gentle on my hair. I'm a curly girl and these work so well for me.
I like these scrunchies because they’re not rough on my hair like other scrunchies are. I keep them in my bag.

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