Mega Value Slipsilk™ Scrunchie Set

4.8 5 0 202 202 These scrunchies will upgrade your hair-tie game. They are designed to avoid hair creases and are made with slipsilk™ to be gentle on delicate hair. Its wide surface area and high-grade silk mean the slip® scrunchie is designed to reduce those annoying ridges caused by regular hair elastics.
Mega Value Slipsilk™ Scrunchie Set


Hair bands
Sweet in effective stays on good never any problems with movement or anything to that nature which sports or no sports very good
It took me awhile to finally buy some silk scrunchies, but I finally did it and I am so glad that I did!! No more tangled, breaking hair when pulling my hair down. No more incredibly tight, headache inducing ponytails. And they can be worn loose without falling out of your hair. It just feels so much better now that I've started using these. I've been giving them to my daughters and telling everybody I know that they need to buy these ASAP!
Love Scrunchies
I love this set of scrunchies because not only are the colors totally up my alley, but there's different sizes for different occasions. Whether you want the big style scrunchie or a smaller looking hair tie, these work great for even thicker hair types like I have.
Perfect for a ponytail
I prefer these over anything else because they work great for a ponytail without causing any damage to your hair.
Mega Value Silk scrunchies
I have long thick hair and alot of times it gets in my face so I need to pull it up in a scrunchie. These work so well with my hair! Regular hair ties break so easily with my hair. But these hold and make my life easier. Highly recommend!
Reliable & Very Cute Scrunchies!
Scrunchies are awesome they hold up really nicely n my long hair they didn't break & let me down also so cute colors too! highly recommend these 🙂
Fun pack
Fun collection of scrunchies. It didn't hold that great with my thick hair. But the patterns and textures are awesome. Thanks for asking!
Live rhese
These work awesome. I love them and use them daily
These scrunchies work great for thick or thin hair. They are very durable and come in beautiful colors.
Pony tails
These cute scrunchies are so helpful. I would recommend these to anyone who likes to wear an updo.
Great For Short Fine Hair
I love these! I have a bob that I pull back when I workout and while I have a lot of hair, it's fine and doesn't play well with hair ties. These work great and I don't have to loop them five or six times to keep them in (which often causes a headache). The bonus is that I don't get the ponytail crease that make me look like I'm trying to rock a mullet. They will be a must have moving forward!
I won't go back to other brands
Soft, doesn't leave a dent, dresses up your wrist, I sleep in them at times, they're the only hair ties I use now, I won't go back!
Scrunchi hair accessories are the gold standard. They hold up to the test when I workout. They are affordable and easy to find in stores. If you are looking for hair accessories that last and are affordable look no further!
Not my cup of tea
I tried these and really was not happy with them they would not keep my hair up the way i wanted them too
Some Of The Best
Scrunchies I Every Used For My Hair When I Take It Out My Hair It Doesn't Rip Any Out It Doesn't Pull On Your Hair Too Like Most Do I Love These

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