Hairitage Cut Loose Elastic Cutter + Elastics

4.2 5 0 45 45 Our Cut Loose Elastic Cutter quickly and painlessly removes hair elastics without damaging or pulling out your hair. Its unique design allows for safe and easy handling. Includes 50 elastics.
Hairitage Cut Loose Elastic Cutter + Elastics


I love the elastic cutter. It makes getting the elastic ties easy and painless.
Great product
Great lightweight product. My curly hair naturally gets stuck in other brand hair ties and get tangled easily. This was a great product to simply cut out of my hair without pulling on my hair or pulling out hairs
Easy peasy
This is exactly what I needed to make my child's hair doing a none issue.
Easy Hair Tools
These hair tools are very useful because you can do many different styles, with small, intricate pieces, and not worry about damaging or ripping your hair when you're ready to take them out.
Useful and sturdy elastics
These hair ties are sturdy and useful. The tool is useful for taking out the elastics.
Scream free
I use this for my daughter and I. She is 2 and I love to put pig tails on her. What I don't like about hair ties is that they tend to knot and pull out her hair when I remove them. This helps me save her hair from breakage. I can just cut it out and be done. I use it the same with me to do cute hair style I normally wouldn't do. I have enough split ends and frizzies. This will help reduce that.
Easy and fashionable
Easy to use and super cute design. Simple yet fashionable. Easy and smooth cutting too.
Tight and tough
I didn’t think they would hold my thick and heavy hair, I’ve tried other brands before that didn’t last an hour. I was able to wear ponytails all day without them slipping.
Helpful even though they didn't cut
The elastics held the hair well and the cutter helped to pull the elastics out (they were used at the end of a braid), but did not cut them.
Great, innovative product
The Hairitage Cut Loose Elastic Cutter + Elastics is an interesting concept. I tend not to use tiny rubber elastics like this precisely because they do get stuck in my hair and often pull the hair out when trying to remove them. Using the elastic cutter is an easy way to remove the elastics from your hair. However, those tiny elastics wouldn’t keep my hair up in a high ponytail. I would only use those types of elastics for making braids. I think people with ethnically different hair than myself might find this product more useful. I have very fine, thin straight hair.
Hairitage Cut Loose Elastic Cutter
The Hairitage elastics works well and holds my hair firmly into a ponytail. I was really scared to use the cutter but it was shaped and curved well that made it safe to use. If you use the cutter properly no hair gets pulled out unlike other hair tying products. The only aspect that I did not like is you can not reuse the elastics, only one time use which I think is kind of a waste.
Great product, protects hair!
So glad I got this set! The elestics work great on my curly hair, as well as my 4 year old daughter's straight, thin hair. They hold hair tightly in place and they are super comfortable. They help us try different styles. The Cutter is a game changer! Makes removing the elastics easy, quick, and painless.
Great product to enhance hairstyles !
I have been wanting to try the bubble ponytail for SO long but didn't want to deal with taking out the tiny elastics. When I got this I knew I could finally live out my dream and try out the bubble hair trend! The look was SO cute and was so incredibly easy to get the tiny elastics out with the nifty elastic cutter! I definitely see myself doing more hairstyles like this now that I have this cutter on hand!
Hair ties with cutter!
These are pretty good at holding my long thick hair and we’re easy to cutoff without feeling like it cut through my hair as well. I keep them in the little plastic packaging they came in so I don’t lose the little bands.
Very handy
I enjoyed these a lot! I have very thick hair and when I use rubber bands, they're a pain to get out. These cut them without cutting any hair. Especially if you do braids, or use small bands a lot, I highly recommend!

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