Revlon Smoothstay Coconut Oil Infused Hair Straightener

4.7 5 0 95 95 Visibly shinier, smoother hair is possible with the all-new SmoothStay straightener that features triple-coated ceramic plates infused with coconut oil for long-lasting results. Paired with ceramic tourmaline ionic technology for reduced static and frizz, it leaves a silky finish you can’t stop touching. Faster styling is made possible with heat-sensing technology that maintains heat evenly, while also decreasing heat damage. Effortlessly create sleek, straight styles that are long lasting with the SmoothStay straightener.
Revlon Smoothstay Coconut Oil Infused Hair Straightener


Wow wow wow! I love this straightener. I have wavy/curly/frizzy hair that is a pain to straighten but my preferred style, and this was a game changer. The coconut oil infused is amazing!!
I like it!!
This is my favorite flat iron! Great quality and very easy to use! No more waves, only beautiful straight hair! Highly recommend this flat iron included with coconut oil! Brest beauty tool!!!
This was Ok for a cheap straightener. Gets the job done but not the best on the market by any means. Hope to get something better in the near future.
New favorite straightener
I've been using the same hair straightener since 2010 and I've never really liked the way that my hair looks or feels after using it but I thought all straightening tools were essentially the same. A friend recommended this and I immediately purchased it. I cannot believe I have gone this long without this pending my life. My hair no longer feels dull and frizzy. It leaves my hair looking sleek, shiny and healthy.
Straight hair
Straightened my frizzy hair! Most just leave my haor frizzy.
Does the job
After seeing the good reviews on this, I had decently high hopes for this. It was cheap and seemed like it would be a good option. I'm not new to hair straighteners, but I just don't like this one. My long fine hair keeps getting stuck in between the seams of it, and frankly, I don't think it straightens very well. My hair keeps sliding out of it because there's no lip or edge where the sides of the plates are. I could hold a comb up against it, but I don't want to maneuver like that every time I want to straighten my hair. I also don't think it really clamps down on hair very well, so I have to hold down the other side with my other hand. It curls alright though, I just wouldn't choose it over my usual curler. It heats up pretty quickly, and if it worked, I think it'd be pretty decent otherwise. I would return it, but I foolishly threw the box out thinking that it'd be fine before I used it.
It was ok... nothing spectacular
So this was nothing phenomenal honestly. It worked ok to straighten my hair, but it still didn't give it that really polished I believe so many of us are looking for. But it performed well enough. I still needed to use a curling iron to fix the ends. It's just ok.
this is the best straightener I've ever used. It leaves my hair incredibly shiny and with a perfect finish that's beyond words, just like those hair ads on TV. I absolutely adore the results it gives me.
I absolutely adore the results.
Without a doubt, this is the best straightener I've ever used. It leaves my hair incredibly shiny and with a perfect finish that's beyond words, just like those hair ads on TV. I absolutely adore the results it gives me.
THIS product omggg the best
Definitely the best straightener I’ve ever used it makes your hair reallly really shiny and perfect the finish it’s out of this word like those hair ads you see on the tv that’s how your hair will end up looking like I definitely love
This is such a great hair straightener. You can use this for straightening or curling you hair. If has different level of heat and leaves a nice shine on hair.
turn up the heat
I love my straight iron and I love that it will turn up the heat. It does not pull your hair and with one stroke, you have straight hair. Love it! Not bad on the price either. Good product
Love this hair straightener. My friend actually has one I got to try and absolutely loved it it straightened my hair with Lil of effort and left my hair straight and looking shiny and healthy
For Curling or straightening hair
I purchased this hair straightener last year, and have loved using it. It’s great to add curl or straighten when i use my wigs. Works good on natural hair and synthetic hair (if used with lower heat settings). For the price you pay you get way more product than the straightener. I didn't realize it came with so many accessories. I used the straightener to curl my hair and so far it's been great for me!
A must buy
This hair straightener is a MUST BUY! I love the way it doesn’t leave you hair feeling dry, it add a little extra smoothness to your hair due to the coconut oils. It’s a definite must buy!

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