Nature’s Bounty Optimal Solutions - Advanced Hair Skin Nails Gummies

4.6 5 0 389 389 Give your beauty routine an upgrade with new Nature’s Bounty Advanced Hair Skin & Nails Gummies! Packed with 2x the amount of Biotin as our leading Hair, Skin & Nails gummy formula, each serving contains 6,000 mcg of Biotin to support silky hair, glowing skin, and healthy nails.*
Nature’s Bounty Optimal Solutions - Advanced Hair Skin Nails Gummies


Gummie this
I revived these as a random gift from a friend & while I may not have purchased them on my own, I would now. These things taste great & have the goodies I’m looking for my my hair & mail needs. After completing the bottle I took notice to my nails being a little bit harder & it while it could be due in part to my shampoo I collectively had better hair days on weeks 3 & 4. And that’s something.
These are so yummy
I love these vitamins and love that you only have to take 2. Some gummy vitamins you have to take 6 or more a day and that is just crazy. It's like eating a pack of fruit snacks and they aren't ment to be a snack k they are a vitamin. If I have to take more than 2 I won't be taking them or be purchasing them again...
Biotin Gummies
These are great tasting and help my nails grow so fast and thick. I have egg shell nails and they break sooo fast I can’t ever paint them because I’m constantly clipping them or biting them. I don’t notice it helping my hair or skin, so I just use them for my nails and they work as I expected! Try them for yourself!
Love the taste and texture!
I’ve been using this biotin gummy for about 2-3 weeks now and I really like it! It tastes delicious and has a nice texture, not too chewy or soft. They are coated so they don’t stick together too bad like others I’ve had before. I would definitely recommend them though and they’re a more affordable option!
Great product
I have been using this product for about a month now. I've definitely noticed that my skin is looking healthier and better overall. The gummies themselves taste good too which is a nice bonus.
Stronger nails and healthier hair
I have been using these for about 3 months. I have noticed fuller eye lashes and less hair in my hairbrush. My nails are also stronger. Great product!
These work great
I’m a cancer survivor with a absorption issue. I originally had no hair at all from loss after chemo so i started taking these supplements. Not only do they taste amazing my hair has grown back sooo fast and so long. I’m a huge believer these work perfectly.
They made me sick
There is a certain hype around these gummies so I decided to give them a go. But whenever I took them they just made my head spin and my body would feel so weak. I halved the recommended dose, took them with my meal to no avail. My heart and heart would pound and I would have to lay down for a certain time. Finally decided to stop and gave them away. They just didn't work for me
does the trick
I bought this product because my fingernails were splitting and breaking so very easily my hair was dry and brittle and frizzy. I had just come out of the hospital after weeks. It seems as though my nails in my hair and my skin were all just so dry so I decided to give this a try. After about a week of taking these vitamins, I began to notice that my fingernail grows was much better no longer did I have very thin and brittle nails, but they were coming in thicker and they weren’t breaking. They weren’t splitting they were just growing like they should it didn’t make my hair grow faster and the new hair seem to be a lot softer and more manageable than the old hair. I did this day continue to take these vitamins on a daily basis my hair has become more manageable not as dry, and not as frizzy. It’s really a good vitamin for the things that it says it does.
A little hazy
wasn't bad; would give a second try. didn't see much change in my skin or nails but seemed promising
Great Product
This Vitamin is a God send for me ,my once brittle nails are now hardening after i have been taking these .But i love the taste ,because the gummies taste like candy. They make me want to eat more .
Works great!
My hair, skin and nails look better when I use these. My hair has a great shine, my nails grow out stronger and my skin has a great glow when I use these. Sometimes it may take a bit of time to show the effects especially if I haven't used them in a while.
Wonderful product
Smells good and work great would definitely buy it again
Great hair nails really grow just got come more from store
Good product
This is a vitamin that is easy to eat. It is a gummy that you take one a day. I used these to get healthier nails mainly. It seem to work and straighten my nails and it always good to take vitamins so that what I did. Good product okay taste.

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