Play Day 10-Foot Rectangular Inflatable Family Pool Blue Ages 6 and Up Unisex

4.5 5 0 587 587 Good times are here for the family with this spacious Play Day 10-Foot Family Pool. This long pool gives everyone a spot to cool off this summer. Durably constructed with puncture-resistant materials, this 3-tier pool is equipped with efficient valves and free-flow drain plug that make it both easy to set up and take down. Simply fill this pool with air, and you will be able to turn your backyard into a summer paradise this summer. Check out all the awesome pool toys from Play Day so this summer will be the best one yet. Cool off all summer long with the Play Day 10-Foot Family Pool.
Play Day 10-Foot Rectangular Inflatable Family Pool Blue Ages 6 and Up Unisex


Very durable
My friend bought this for my son last summer. I blew it up and filled it and don't believe that I had to fill it up again the entire time he used it ....about 2 months straight. We had ducks occasionally getting into it (they have nails,) and all manner of horse play and it never even lost air. It was unbelievably durable. It was a bit of a hassle to clean (1-2 times per week,) but I suppose that is to be expected. Overall I was very pleased with this pool.
Good for the kids
The pool is good for the kids and their friends but I had to add air to the pool at lease once during every use. So that can be a little annoying when the kids are playing in the pool and it starts to sag. But overall it was a great purchase for the summer.
play day pool 10 foot
Great pool for families and kids.My grandsons loved it and had lots of room to play in it
Summer hit
The Play Day 10-Foot Rectangular Inflatable Family Pool in Blue is an absolute summer gem! We purchased this for our family, and it's been a hit for everyone.Firstly, the size is perfect for both kids and adults to cool off and enjoy some quality family time. It's spacious enough to swim and play around, and the rectangular shape provides ample room.The durability is impressive; it's held up well even with the enthusiastic splashing and play. Setting it up is a breeze, and the inflatable design is a space-saver when not in use.The vibrant blue color adds a fun and inviting touch to our backyard. Plus, the unisex design makes it suitable for all family members. It's a fantastic way to beat the summer heat.For its affordable price and the joy it brings, the Play Day 10-Foot Rectangular Inflatable Family Pool is a fantastic addition to any summer. Highly recommended for endless hours of aquatic fun!
Decent Pool
We buy this pool almost every year for our kids. Its easy to maintain and works well in our backyard. The only negative is that it can get holes very easily. I would recomend it for short term use not long twrm
Suits a purpose
It’s cute and small for small children. However it’s definitely not designed for longevity. Small children love this but it does rip easily. It’s not very expensive so it’s not a horrible choice for young kids. I’d recommend placing a tarp underneath if possible.
We had this pool for the summer and it held up the whole season. My kids aren't the gentlest with pools so I was surprised it made it.
Perfect for summer!
This pool has been such a joy to have this summer. My son had so much fun playing in it and it’s so big that I was able to get right in with him too instead of watching from the sidelines. It is durable too and held up well with many jumps from him.
Keep Ya Cool!
We bought this just last year to use during those super hot and humid days as we do not have the time and room for a full size in ground pool. Blowing this thing up takes just a few minutes with an electric compressor. I found it also didn’t take too long to fill up depending on how full you like it. I use this a lot to sit in the sun with a book. It also stores well for the winter and with a little work, fits right back into the box. Personally, I love it as it elevates my outdoor experience!
Great product
Got one for my kids! It's a 5 out of 5 for us. They love it!! It's a great made pool also most we use few times and have to throw out. This on is super durable we just rinse it out let it dry and fold it up for the next time we use it!!
Best Summer Fun Gift from Grandparents!
The grandparents bought this pool for our kids at the ages of 5 and 3. We had multiple play dates over the summer and had this pool set up in our backyard for endless hours of fun! Easy to set up, but you may want to move it around the yard a few days here and there so you do not kill the grass.
Family enjoyed
we were able to use this pool for several seasons of fun! The entire family. we have 11 grandchildren, and it was perfect.
It’s okay
This product isn’t the worst inflatable pool out there…but it could be better. It’s durable, but only for about 1-2 summers. It would be much better if it was made with a more durable material!
Good Pool
This is a great mini pool for your backyard on those really hot days. We don’t have an in ground pool so this was a quick last minute fun idea to beat the Arizona heat. My daughter and I loved it!
Hot day
It's actually a good size pool. It's pretty low but enough room for 3 adults to lounge in on an extremely hot day. The only issue I had was that I used a air compressor to blow it up and I over inflated it. It was a little deformed and released air slowly but that was due to the over inflation.

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