Mouse Trap Game Includes Activity Booklet

4.6 5 0 326 326 The Mouse Trap game, a longtime family favorite, is always good for zany action and lots of laughs. Scurry around the board collecting cheese and stealing cheese from other players but watch out for the trap! This edition of the game includes a coloring and activity sheet for kids ages 6 and up. The booklet includes activities such as a wordsearch puzzle, a maze, spot the difference, and more. The brightly colored activity sheet and funny mouse-nabbing contraption in the game will inspire laughter and fun as kids and their friends play. This board game makes a fun holiday present or birthday gift for kids, and is an easy choice for a rainy day activity or playdate.
Mouse Trap Game Includes Activity Booklet


Good times
I have good memories of playing this as a kid! It is fun to set up the traps in the beginning and to see who will fall for them.
Great game
The family loves this game. We have a game night and the kids love putting this game together it builds thinking skills and very fun. I would definitely recommend this game to everyone.
Lots of laughter
Super fun and silly game to play. Kids really had a blast winning. Super fun
Pass on this
Kids and I love board games but this one was not a fan of ours. We could not get things to work it would break apart. Just was more work and frustration than fun family entertainment
Kids LOVE it!!
My kiddo Loves this game! It's educational, strategic and fun. Having to land in certain spots and balance. If the board gets shook too much the trap falls so I think it teaches patience a little too. The set up and take down can be somewhat frustrating to a point but all in all, good game.
Cute but not the same...
This is a cute game that I was excited to get for my girls since I loved playing mouse trap when I was a kid. It was not quite the same mouse trap I remember but still cute. Good for younger kids.
Really fun family game!
My brother and I use to play this with our parents now we play with out kids. It's a great game of luck. Also great for family game nights. Don't let your mouse your hey caught in the trap
I remember this game from my childhood. Bought a new one to play with my kids. The game did not fit together correctly making the marble not complete the trap correctly. Disappointing
My Kids Love it
This is a great family game when you have time and kids old enough to help set it up. It's a pain to keep all the pieces together but worth it to spend time with the kids and its fun and exciting!
Brings me back to my childhood
Love mousetrap! Brings me back to my childhood. The game is a lot to put together so we play it for a few days when we pop it all up. Easy and fun for all ages. Great for family game night.
Love it
Mousetrap is definitely one of my households favorite games to play. It's so fun and quick
Cheesy Fun
It's a nostalgia throwback for kids and adults to play together, with a fairly simple set of rules and good visuals to keep the kids entertained as you walk them through how to play. Helps teach younger kids how to build things up. Could use an extra ball bearing or two more, so be careful with the one you get.
Loads of Fun
Even though this game does take a little bit of time and effort to set up, it is well worth it. My 2 boys loved this, and it brought back memories of when I was younger and played this same game with my parents.
Hours of fun!
So fun for 6 year old and younger. But lots of it bitys that can got lost. So it's definitely a game that should be supervised. I used to play this game with my little brother and would play it for hours . It's really simple and easy to play.
Set up is difficult
This game would get 5 stars for fun but only 4 stars for ease of set up. Takes a long time and when kids become inpatient it can diminish the fun factor. Once set up, however, it is so much fun to play!!!

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