Mouse Trap Game Includes Activity Booklet

4.6 5 0 304 304 The Mouse Trap game, a longtime family favorite, is always good for zany action and lots of laughs. Scurry around the board collecting cheese and stealing cheese from other players but watch out for the trap! This edition of the game includes a coloring and activity sheet for kids ages 6 and up. The booklet includes activities such as a wordsearch puzzle, a maze, spot the difference, and more. The brightly colored activity sheet and funny mouse-nabbing contraption in the game will inspire laughter and fun as kids and their friends play. This board game makes a fun holiday present or birthday gift for kids, and is an easy choice for a rainy day activity or playdate.
Mouse Trap Game Includes Activity Booklet


Me and my children love playing this game it’s entertaining and such a classic . Had one when I was young the material that it’s made from seems it’s not made as good as when I was young but none the less still a fun classic game to play!
What a fun and exciting game to play. It is a game that just makes you laugh. It's a fulfilled family game. So go have fun or go have a great game night.
Had this game when I was younger it's so much fun. Now I get to play it with my children. They love playing this game and trying to catch the mouse. I would recommend this to anyone.
Always a fun time
Mouse Trap is a cute game. I have to say a game that has you build it as you go is pretty cool no matter how old you are. I have always been a fan of the little pieces of cheese. The fun at the end of the game where you go round and round until someone gets caught is the best.
Classic game
I loved this game as a kid, and my kids love it now, only downfall is they have no patience with setting up and my 4 year old always knocks its over
Tried and true
I used to love this game when I was little, so I purchased it for my 3 kids. We have so much fun putting the “mouse trap” together, setting it, and then launching it!
Classic fun
This game is fun for all ages! The only downfall is a takes a little time to setup but once you do it a couple times it's super easy. I would definitely recommend!
I had mouse trap growing up. Got this for my kids and they love it! It really bring back my childhood joy
Mouse Trap contraption…but don't get trapped! The goal is to trap other players' mouse pawns in the trap while trying to be the last player left. Kids and parents can enjoy lots of laughs while playing this awesome game with the family. Fun game.
Wonderfully engaging for younger kids. We love to play board garmes and this was a great addition to our game board collection.
Hard to set up
This is supposed to be for kids but you need a adult to set it up!!
Kid friendly. Lots of pieces. Family time was fun.
It’s ok
The game itself is fun, however it can be a pain to put together and take apart every time you want to play. The trap can be difficult for kids to reset and the ball has a tendency to roll away if you don’t catch it.. overall the game is fun but definitely could use some improvements.
This is such a fun classic board game. I played it as a child and now we play as a family with the next generation. It is fun for all ages with interactive parts of the game that bring it to life.
Mouse trap game
My kids played this as children and loved it so I bought the new version for the grandkids and they had so much fun. This game includes a coloring and activity booklet which added extra fun. It is colorful and they loved when the trap captured the mouse. A fun activity even for adults to play with the kids.

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