Mouse Trap Game Includes Activity Booklet

4.6 5 0 110 110 The Mouse Trap game, a longtime family favorite, is always good for zany action and lots of laughs. Scurry around the board collecting cheese and stealing cheese from other players but watch out for the trap! This edition of the game includes a coloring and activity sheet for kids ages 6 and up. The booklet includes activities such as a wordsearch puzzle, a maze, spot the difference, and more. The brightly colored activity sheet and funny mouse-nabbing contraption in the game will inspire laughter and fun as kids and their friends play. This board game makes a fun holiday present or birthday gift for kids, and is an easy choice for a rainy day activity or playdate.
Mouse Trap Game Includes Activity Booklet


So fun!
I used to play this game as a kid and got it to play with my kids. I loved it and so do they. We have so much fun playing it. Definitely recommend fort family game night.
Mousing around
Well. My daughter turned 11 in February. One of the things she wanted for her b day was this game. Of course she got it. Played it a few times. Now its a dust collector. Lol. I wasnt sent this product.
Grandkids and fun
It's a fun little game to play wth the grandkids. It's even easy for my 3 yr old grandson to enjoy with the rest of us!
Fun for family
Such a cute game, fun lots of laughs perfect when the weather is not so good stay in and play.
Family game night must have
Our family has so much fun playing this game with my son, nieces and nephew. They all enjoy it. They all ask to play this and want to play over and over again.
Fun for older ones
Fun game for the family but not so much for the little ones, has a lot of small pieces
Mouse Trap
This is a great game. It is so much fun to set up the mouse trap and playing the game is just an added extra. I would not change anything about this game. I would recommend this game to everyone.
5 stars
This game is so fun its a good game for the family.
Great game
Good family game, not too hard for little ones and not too boring for older folk.
The game we loved as kids still rocks!
This is as one of my sister’s and my favorite games as kids. We recently got this for my own kids and they love it as much as we did. (And I love playing it with them too!) the activity booklet is an awesome bonus. This is a fun and engaging game that lots of ages will love.
Good for a new generation
My daughters and nephew love playing this game. They seem to get as much joy out of it as I used to when I was a child.
Fun fun
This is an awesome family game that can be played with everyone in the family it’s fun to see who is going to win and how hyped you can get at playing this game wirh your kids I would recommend!
fun game
A fun game my kids love to play. My niece and nephew loves this game too. It takes awhile to set up but a joy to play.
This game is fun. It's a complex set up and has a lot of pieces but my son's love it. It's a classic game I played as a kid. It's good family fun.
I was so excited to get this game, it reminded me of my childhood. It take a lot of set up but it’s worth it when the kids are having fun

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