4.3 5 0 9 9 Become the ultimate #STYLESAVIOR and Take Over the Makeover with FailFix! The FailFix Squad have tried out the latest online beauty tutorials and things didn't go to plan...now they need your help to fix that beauty fail! Meet @Preppi.Posh! She's after a look that's A+, but she needs your help to get top marks for style! First, begin the head-to-toe transformation with a surprise fashion reveal - will you find a Rare or Ultra-Rare outfit with special material? Next, pamper @Preppi.Posh by applying the magic spa mask. Once she's feeling relaxed, remove it to reveal a look she'll love. You might even find a Rare or Ultra-Rare makeup look underneath the magic mask! Then, remove the accessories stuck in her hair and brush it out until it's silky smooth! Finally, complete the total transformation by using the included hair tools to create the 'Up Style' look she was trying to achieve! Finish styling @Preppi.Posh with shoes and jewelry to create the look of her dreams.
FailFix Preppi.Posh Total Makeover Doll Pack
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FailFix Preppi.Posh Total Makeover Doll Pack. My niece loves this
Failfix Sweet Care
My daughter is full of love and care for those she loves and this cute Failfix Makeover doll she has shared so much of it! It is amazingly sweet as she takes such love and care to pretty her doll (as she says!) in cute style with makeup, clothes and accessorize as she plays and enjoys hours of dolly playtime!
Family Fix makeup dolls
My little girls love the dolls and loves to fix her up and do her hair and takes t to bed with her at night and is very durable and easy to set up for my child and is very cute
Es muy divertido
Me hace feliz ver a mis hermanitas muy emocionada y muy feliz con este gigantes cualquier niña se sentiría feliz al tenerlo lo recomiendo
Sending a message
This doll is so beautiful. My grand daughter has played with her for about six months. Fixing her hair and face. Making me worry my baby girl is becoming vain. Anything that makes children feel like they cannot step in public without being perfect is sick and wrong.
What message are we sending?
As far as dolls go, she's cute and there are many accessories to play with. I like the mystery in the "surprise fashion," and "magic mask," but the surprise is over the first time the doll is played with. This doll has a lot of hair. After several attempts, that hair is not so easy for a young child to mange. I like that this doll is promoting self-care, however, the quote "I'm not Perfectly Preppy, I'm Perfectly Frightful" may send the message that self worth s based on looks. This is not the message I want a child, especially a young female, to absorb. I can explain to a child hat "preppy" is a term used as a term for a collegiate look, but I would have liked to have seen an emphasis on looking good while getting an education as part of the packaging to instill a better ethic.
Mi hija la adoro
A mi hija mayor se la compre y la disfruto tanto ahora quiero comprarle una a la mas pequeña es muy bonita ..
Esta hermosa
La Hija de mi amiga le regale una está bien padre la nena se divierte mucho con la muńeca
My daughter was a little your for this but she still had a lot of fun playing with the doll.
Nice product. Would like to try this and see how it works!
Se ve hermosa y diferente quisiera saber donde comprarla,
This doll is so cute!granddaughter would love it. She loves dolls and this one is different
Me encantaria recibir esto para mi hija de 6 años, ella quedaria muy encantada.. sé ve la calidad del producto y los detalles de su cara..muy linda
Oh my God yes I would love to give it to my little niece she lives with me she loves dolls
No but my Great-granddaughter would love this. So send to me for a review.

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