4.6 5 0 73 73 Become the ultimate #STYLESAVIOR and Take Over the Makeover with FailFix! The FailFix Squad have tried out the latest online beauty tutorials and things didn't go to plan...now they need your help to fix that beauty fail! Meet @Preppi.Posh! She's after a look that's A+, but she needs your help to get top marks for style! First, begin the head-to-toe transformation with a surprise fashion reveal - will you find a Rare or Ultra-Rare outfit with special material? Next, pamper @Preppi.Posh by applying the magic spa mask. Once she's feeling relaxed, remove it to reveal a look she'll love. You might even find a Rare or Ultra-Rare makeup look underneath the magic mask! Then, remove the accessories stuck in her hair and brush it out until it's silky smooth! Finally, complete the total transformation by using the included hair tools to create the 'Up Style' look she was trying to achieve! Finish styling @Preppi.Posh with shoes and jewelry to create the look of her dreams.
FailFix Preppi.Posh Total Makeover Doll Pack
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Super Cute
My 6 year old Daughter loves this doll! The little snap on spa face mask is cute. My Daughter has a trouble keeping track of the of the multiple small pieces but the unique & impressive quality of this dolls Hair makes up for the misplaced small pieces. I was impressed along with my daughter.
Happy kids
My daughter loves getting this doll for Christmas. Looks great an she thought it has to be magic that changes her face
Awesome innovative toy for girls and boys a like
My daughter kept asking me for this doll so we set up a wall board where she would get rewarded with stickers if she did a a small chore and if she had more than 7 stickers by the end of the night she would get $5. It took her a bit of a while but it's totally worth it. She loves how she can style her herself and make her look to her liking but also the fact that you can redo it and redo it. This doll is innovative to say the least. We are very happy with our purchase and plan to expand my daughters collection
Love this idea!!
My niece loves her doll. I think the whole fail, fix model is an ingenious idea. They love making the doll all glamerous and messing it up and repeating the cycle. We really love it!
Over all cool doll sturdy not to many loose parts. But i hate that it stares at you no matter what direction you more
Nice dolls
Don't Easily break apart so they will last longer than most dolls normally used to.
My daughter received this as a gift. She absolutely loves this doll.
Loved it
We bought one of these dolls for one of our granddaughters and she absolutely loves it.the doll was well made and taught her how to take care of herself as well as the doll
Loved it
Loved it she want put it down very well put togeather clean and fun
My little girl got this doll for xmas she is in love with it. Plays with it constantly. There is small pieces that you have to keep up with but it is a fun toy.
FailFix Total Makeover
I recently purchased The FailFix Preppi Posh Total Makeover for my 7 year old, she just had to have it for Christmas. Honestly the doll itself is pretty cute, and in my opinion I think any little girl would enjoy it. I did not like that the dolls hair was extremely hard, like it was sprayed heavily with hairspray or starch. My little girl couldn't brush it out and that kind of took some of the fun out for her. Her doll was missing some of the accessories like the earrings. She played with the doll for about 15 minutes and it hasn't been played with since. Every child is different, and I think the doll is cute so that's why I'm still giving it a 3. Thank you.
Perfect For Girls
My daughter received thia for Christmas and she LOVES it. You can fix their hair and they have masks that make them go from ugly to cute and back again. She loved 8t so much she bought her step sister one. If you have a daughter that loves makeup and dolls she will love it!
Great Toy
I got this toy for my granddaughter. She had a lot of fun using it. It is her favorite toy. I love that it has lots of things that the doll can play with. I just wish that their were more accessories to play with.
Its a cute doll
My niece was so excited to get this as a small gift . She spent her day playing with this product while I babysat. Kept her occupied most of the day.
So cute so fun!!!
My 8 year old daughter got this doll frm Santa on Xmas morning & she absolutely loves it! It’s teaching her super important hygiene skills in a fun way!

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