3.8 5 0 79 79 ¿Truco.... o trato? Los Caramelos Zombie para Noche de Brujas de SKITTLES son una mezcla de deliciosas piezas de caramelo con sabor a frutas, ¡y con sabor a zombies podridos! Nunca sabes lo que vas a terminar comiendo, y ahí está la diversión. Cada bolsa contiene una mezcla de melón momificado, cereza monstruosa, cereza negra helada, ponche de cítricos petrificante, bayas rojas sanguinas y algunos caramelos ocultos con sabor a zombies podridos. ¡Un podrido sabor a zombie puede estar escondido detrás de cualquier caramelo de color! Haz que la noche de las travesuras se llene de travesuras cuando traigas estos divertidos caramelos para compartir con tus amigos. ¡Te retamos a que pruebes un puñado!
Caramelos de Halloween Zombie  de SKITTLES Bolsa de 10.5 onzas
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Very good
I love. they taste good, they have the perfect sour for me and my children
Se ve bien
Sabe bueno pero no es mi tipo de dulce me gustaría que fuera más suave delicioso
This product is wonderful and work very good and I would recommend it
These skittles are fun at first, but then you get some really gross tasting ones. It is not a fun surprise, it is like opening a bad present. The other flavors are great, though. It is a fun concept, but it doesn't quite work.
Fun and unpredictable
These skittles are conveniently packaged for Halloween parties or trick or treat. The flavors are fun but you never know when you’ll get a zombie flavor! Kids loved getting these as they are seasonal and something different
Halloween fun
This came out during Halloween and I thought it was a perfect Halloween treat for skittles to come out with so much fun new and the same skittle flavor
Skittles Zombie Candy
My daughter and I had fun trying these out but I'll never try them again. The "zombie" candy tastes horrible, like stinky feet. Just giving a heads up.
So, I came across these skittle while watching Youtube, and I thought ooo my kids would love/hate these. I was not disappointed. They gobbled them, then all of a sudden overly dramatic gagging and freaking out ensued. After they calmed down they said that the flavor just threw them because of all the yummy sweet ones. But the zombie one was more savory like lasagna so no horrible, just not great after having a handful of sweet ones.
So good but so gross
I loved the flavors of all the non zombie ones. It was like a test of my will to see if I got a zombie or not. The zombie were just rotten!
Great for a trick
I bought these to try myself! Nope! That zombie flavor was not good at all. It tasted exactly as I would imagine a zombie to taste and smell. It was, however, a great laugh for me to prank my hubs! I laughed til I almost cried at his response to the zombie skittle when he unknowingly got it in a handful. Great pranks skittles!!
Worst Flavor Ever.
Taste like the way a rotten dead decomposing body smells. Makes you wanna vomit its so bad when you unexprctinglnot !@
I hope they bring these back next Halloween. Super fun sharing with my kids. We had a blast and it will be something we will always remember. Who ate the nasty zombie Skittle!?
Not really sure how I feel
These skittles remind me of that bean boozled jelly bean game where you choose a jelly bean and it will either be a delicious flavor or an obnoxious flavor like vomit or dog food. The first 4 skittles I grabbed out of the bag all tasted simply disgusting. I’m not sure what the “zombie” flavor was supposed to be but it is gross n it seems there were more gross than not in the bag I got.
Kids like it
The normal flavors were good as always. Zombie ones not so much, but not to bad I still kept eating them lol. The kids however thought it was fun and got a kick out of the rotten zombie ones.

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