Jacobs 3in1 Golden Granules Rich & Creamy Coffee

4,6 5 0 259 259 With Jacobs 3in1 Golden Granules, your favourite coffee is prepared the way you like it - perfectly balanced sweet and creamy.
Jacobs 3in1 Golden Granules Rich & Creamy Coffee


The aroma of this coffee surely kickstarts your morning..I’m very addicted to jacobs can’t go a day without it..
Jacobs Magic
Refuse to have a sour mornings. Have yourself some caffeine and this Jacobs will do wonders. The smell of coffee in the morning absolutely divine. Have a Jacobs day
I am a coffee-holic & i love all types of coffee, I specifically love this 3-in-1 Jacobs coffee sachets as its easy especially with having 2 kids at home under 10 years old u try to find the time to have a quick boost. Da taste is well balanced & well thought out. I love it!
I always buy the coffee for work. Taste is amazing
Heavenly aroma
Jacobs is my favourite coffee. The satchets are great because its all in one and everything is balanced perfectly.
3in1 Jacobs
The Jacob's 3in1 is the best product for me I have tried many 3in1 it's not like the Jacob's 3in1 the taste of the coffee with the type milk blend is smooth and creamy not to strong almost like you drinking a black cup of coffee
Smells amazing the and the taste extraordinary. Just the right thing to get your day started. The sachet is a perfect mixture of everything
Rich coffee
This coffee is absolutely amazing it is rich in flavour and very strong I usually have to put in three sugars versus my usual two ,but the smell is good n the flavour is even better .
Amaizing smell and taste
I have tried this coffe it smells amazing and the taste is devine. I always tell my kids and sister this coffee is not for visitors. I am a jealous partner when it comes to Jacobs.
The real thing
I am a very big fan of Jacobs coffee, but after I tried this I still prefer the original coffee, without the added sugar and cream. It's just personal taste.
Jacob's 3 in 1
I like it as I normally like to buy 3 in 1 coffees. It's not as sweet as I usually like my coffee and some of the competitors but its rich and creamy and the price is competitive
Love it
The Jacobs 3in1 Golden Granules are amazing. I purchased this to give it a try to see what all the rave was about and it was the most satisfying cup of coffee I've ever had. Since my first purchase I haven't looked back and I'm very happy with it
best beans
Jacobs coffee is strong and rich, has a reach creamy scent and has a potent taste that lasts and lingers in your moth. You can taste the rich golden granules as their dissolve in hot water creating a thick choclatey brew of coffee
Best Coffe ever
The best coffee I have ever tasted, my grocery is not complete without this 🤩
best aroma coffee
absolutely the aroma coffee and its taste divine

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