3,9 5 0 54 54 Enjoy every Mzanzi moment with the smooth and creamy taste of Nescafe Ricoffy Mmm-ccino fused with the two irresistible flavour of African Marula, and of Caramel Popcorn.
Nescafe Ricoffy mmm-ccino
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Caramel yummy
Love the caramel flavour The smell just pops out and it has the best taste ever
Its winter now and hot beverage is what one needs and honestly Ricoffy has outdone it with this product.
Wow the Marula flavor is the best among all the other flavors!
A winter essential for those cold evenings. The marula flavor is my favorite
Surprize taste accuracy
I was very surprised that the taste profile for this product was so accurate. I tried the caramel popcorn flavor and it smelled and tasted like fresh caramel popcorn. It was not too sweet and I would try it again.
Creamy and flavourful
I love this so much especially the Caramel popcorn flavour. It's so creamy and the aroma is so satisfying.
I'm a huge fan of cappuccino's especially now that its Winter! I liked the Caramel popcorn but I wasn't a fan of the marula flavor as it had to much of a tartness to it.
As a strong coffee lover, I did not expect this product to amaze me as it did. I don't really like Ricoffy as it doesn't give me the caffeine kick I need. This product was a delight especially if you're looking for a warm, delicious beverage to lighten the mood at the end of the day at the office. With a variety of flavors, an affordable price, it definitely has a competing chance for cappuccinos in the market.
Not bad at all
It's not the best I've had. The quality isn't something to ride home about. I wouldn't rush or choose it over others unless it's cheaper.
Good product and taste but not to strong as Nescaffe brand
To my surprise!!
I'm not a Ricoffy fan at all. But these mmm-ccino's really surprised me. It was more tasty than I have anticipated. I was very impressed with the lovely packaging as well as the taste of the Caramel Popcorn flavor in particular.
Nescafe Ricoffy mmm-ccino is yuuuuummmmmyyyyyy
Nescafe Ricoffy mmm-ccino is delicious and so quick and easy to make and it's berista quality at home
Review on caramel popcorn falvour
I have only tasted the caramel popcorn flavor. The smell is insanely good - the taste is not bad for Ricoffy - definitely not strong so I add extra Nescaffe if I'm looking for a coffee fix. Has a bit of an after taste but is definitely worth the try.
I loved the caramel popcorn one the best
Tried all the different flavors very nice and creamy
Coffee treat
Awesome product after hug in a mug and nescafe. The tast is wow and it does not break the bank. a more affordable spoil and just as tasty

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