Jacobs 3in1 Golden Granules Smooth & Creamy Coffee

4,6 5 0 327 327 Experience the high quality coffee taste and the best aroma with the new Jacobs 3in1 Golden Granules.
Jacobs 3in1 Golden Granules Smooth & Creamy Coffee


Jacobs coffee
I love this product. It is nice and creamy with a rich taste.
For your morning caffeine shot on the go this is quick and easy.
Quick and easy
I am not sure if I am the only but the sachets has made my life easy, quick and easy to make + when it's comes to Jacob's always have a way with coffee this one is smooth but the smell it's still catch as ever. I recommend you have it in your work bag or shelf
Jacobs just have that thing when it comes to coffee! There is nothing like the smell of coffee first thing in the morning. And now it ready and convenient!
Jacobs 3in1
The best coffe ever" I like the fresh smell of it coming from my cup.. this coffe is smooth and the taste is good.
Jacob's3n1 GoldenGranules smooth &creamy coffee
Love it Jacob's 3n1 coffee it's amazing and it's my daughter favourite coffee and smooth and creamy granules
the smell ot this 3 in 1 Jacobs
I can alwalys drink it i only drink it at work i can not affort it the tasty of 3 in 1 Jacobs
very nice
devine i would drink it every day i love to drink it in the morning
good day this is the answer to your morning rush. incredible tasting coffee. easy to use and quick.
Smooth, creamy and tasty, I love this coffee, amazing product
Rich aroma
Jacobs always has a way of bringing that nice aroma that will just attract you and enjoy every sip of it
smooth and creamy
Aroma on this Jacobs coffee is to die for and the fact that you do not require a lot of things to prepare a cup is a bonus. I wont improve anything I love it just the it is. I will recommend it to people to try it.
coffee break
love the aroma of Jacobs golden as well as the taste. definately a pick me up cup of coffee. love it served cold on hotter days as a frappe
I was not a coffee person up until a friend of mine suggested i try Jacobs during 1st lockdown, wow the smell is so devine.
my favourite
very tasty, love the smell and it's a time saver cos all you need is boiling water and you are good to go

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