3.8 5 0 44 44 The woody, rich flavour of Manuka honey is sought after the world over for its delicious, distinctive taste. Arnott’s have paired real Manuka honey in two crunchy biscuits with a delightful cream centre, all covered in Tim Tam milk chocolate, to bring you a heavenly indulgence that will leave your tastebuds buzzing.
Arnott's Manuka Honey & Cream Tim Tam
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Personally love this Great taste and flavour And exciting
loved them!
i personally loved this product. for me they had the right amount of the honey flavor but still reminded me of a classic tim tam. these will be a regular in my household while they are around.
very sweet
I did try this TimTam yesterday. They not too bad but it has been very sweet. I prefer a caramel one
Timtam is excellent in taste and so yummy to eat.My friends like it too.
Prefer other varieties
Wasn't a big fan of these tim tams - other varieties are much tastier - still have one or two left in the package in the fridge which is highly unusual in my household. Wouldn't go out of my way to purchase again.
Great tasting product
Great tasting product but I really love honey and it was more an aftertaste if honey.
The Tim Tams with Manuka honey where a bit disappointing. I could just taste a hint of honey and I thought the biscuits were very thin. I think the biscuits should be a bit thicker with a stronger flavour of honey. Not the best out of the Tim Tam range.
Yum delicious
Delicious I ate 2 straight away! Love the creamy honey filling, very moorish.
They were okay. The flavours don't really go great together, both my partner and I felt they were quite lacking for what is normally a great product.
Pretty good but not what was expected
Our family loves Tim Tam's. We have tried every variety and where excited to try this flavour. The overal honey flavour is strong but the after taste is not very nice. I found the biscuit to be unpleasantly sweet. The chocolate coating was nice but wasn't enough to break through the siclky sweet in natural honey taste. Won't be buying again.
not as good as I had hoped
I had really high hopes for this variety, as it sounds really tasty. The biscuit itself was the usual high quality but the filling wasn't as great as I had hoped. I couldn't really taste any strong honey taste but, in all fairness, it was quite creamy. It was a little too sweet for my palate, but that's obviously a personal thing. I tried to Slam it, but it crubled completely - again, this may have been an issue with the individual biscuit I tried it with. Overall, the Tim Tam itself was lovely but the particular flavour isn't one that i would probably purchase again.
Tim Tams & Honey
Loved it, went out and purchased more. Best taste, especially after being in the fridge on a hot day. Yummo
Classically Premium
Wow what an indulgence! These Tim Tams are a great treat for the adults, as they taste premium and fancy. I loved sharing these with my friends over a cup of coffee. The taste of honey is strong, but it's not too much which is perfect. The classic chocolate taste is delightful.
its a Honey of a tim tam
my husband, all his life, when able because of cost, loved mint tim tams, but now with this variety it has taken its place.... most enjoyable to slowly eat, and watch the native wild life around us.

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