3.9 5 0 22 22 Chobani FiT X No Added Sugar Low Fat Yogurt Banana Peanut Crunch provides 13g of protein and contains roasted peanuts, dark chocolate and chocolate cookie crunch.
Chobani Fit X Banana Peanut Punch
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I love these for breakfast or just as a snack. Love the no sugar but still tastes great
Healthier option
Love these as i dont eat added sugar these are a great alternative treat for the end of the day. Great flavour doesn't have a artificial sugar flavor. Would Very much recommend this product.
Good but not great
This is tasty but some flavours don’t work. A good option that is high in protein and pretty healthy. Would definitely get some flavours again when it is on special in the supermarkets.
Very nice combo
I’m not a big fan of yoghurts but I do love peanuts and bananas so I thought I would give it a go. Pleased with the flavour and have brought since.
High in Protein
I am a fitness freak and always wanted to try something which is low in carbs but at the same time high in protein and tastes good. I like this yogurt because it has all the yummy goodness but at the same time low in fat and high protein content which is very important for me.
Good flavour combination
I never tried banana with peanuts before, so I give this one a try and surprisingly I like it, the crunch of roasted peanuts, the taste of chocolate and banana together is good. The fact that its low in sugar is another plus. I would buy it again.
Not sure about this combination
I do love chobani, I love bananas and I love peanuts but adding these together is not really a success story. Not my favourite!
I tried this for the first time when I seen it on special at the supermarket. Wasn't sure how it would taste with the different combinations of ingredients. it had a nice crunchy texture to it with a tasty flavor
I love the Chobani yoghurts they all taste amazing but I would say the banana and peanut punch is my personal favourite! Very good for on the go or for the kids lunchboxes plus you can really taste the Greek yoghurt! It’s not drowned out by all the flavours.
Awesome product
Perfect if u looking for diet products high on protein n still good in taste
This was nice not my favourite flavour but is definitely a good snack I prefer lemon meringue this product is tasty and a good little snack More flavours would be ideal I would recommend
Not my favourite
Wasn’t the worst an I can see others loving this product it’s just not my cup of tea :)
Great snack or breakfast
Really nice snack, would make a great healthy dessert. Enough little pieces to make you feel like you’ve gotten your chocolate fix. A dairy free version would be good. I would recommend
Easy breaky
This was okay, I prefer the chobani fit yoghurt with no mix ins. It wouldn’t be my first choice but it wasn’t horrible
It wouldn't be my first choice...
There's two things of note with this offering from Chobani. First, being their high protein version it's considerably thicker than the normal flips. Not a bad thing, just a lot different. The second is the flavour, or more accurately the subtlety of it. I'd definitely prefer a stronger presence to go with the thicker texture. Having said that, I'm never disappointed to see it in the fridge.

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