Dose & Co Collagen Protein Powder Chocolate Fudge

4.6 5 0 7 7 Dose & Co Collagen Protein Powder Chocolate Fudge is the perfect natural protein powder blend to boost energy, increase muscle strength and support muscle recovery.
Dose & Co Collagen Protein Powder Chocolate Fudge


Great Value
This is an awesome product to boost the collgen intake that is hard to achieve and you get more protein as well. I put it in my coffee and also a smoothie.
collagen powder
i add them into my morning drink, my hair getting thicker and skin getting healthier. a bit pricy but bought them whenever they are on half price.
Mother in Laws Secret to Anti-aging
This product is what my mother in law claims is the reason for her flawless skin! She has always used collagen supplements but fell in love with Dose and co for its sustainability and great flavour. I now have been converted too!! Only 6 months into using dose and co and my skin is the healthiest it has ever been! Want that botox look without the needles? This is the product for you!!
Protein powder
This is a good tasting protein powder, not the best one I've tried. It is a bit pricey but it's good to have after your workout to keep you full.
Great tasting protein powder
This is definitely one of the better tasting protein powders I have tried. It mixes well on its own with water or with milk as a nice chocolate drink. I don't feel like I'm drinking protein powder which is great! Would definitely recommend.
Huge Dose & Co fan
I have been in love with Dose & Co products since first trying their flavourless collagen powder a year ago. I started seeing and feeling the benefits within a month. I then tried their vanilla protein powder which I mixed in with my coffee. Third in the list (and my personal favourite) is the chocolate protein powder. This is a great stand alone product. The flavour is surprisingly good - it doesn't have that powdery protein taste that most other brands do... I like to mix mine with almond milk but you can add this to so many things. It's great in smoothies. I've even sprinkled it over ice cream! My hair, skin, nails and general energy levels have improved drastically since trying these products. I can't recommend them enough.
Creamy flavour that blends well
Love how much this product blends into a creamy, tasty shake! Can easily add it to so many yummy shake flavours that benefit my skin plus I love the fact it's in sustainable packaging!

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