5 5 0 3 3 Burrata is a delicate shell of fresh mozzarella that encases a decadent filling of stracciatella (mozzarella shreds soaked in cream). Place a Burrata atop a salad, pasta dish, cheese platter or pizza to turn an everyday dish into a sensational meal.
La Casa Burrata
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Creamy Goodness
This burrata cheese is delicious. I love adding it to pizzas. Very hard to find good burrata in shops so I am so glad la casa del formaggio brought out this great addition to their range of cheeses.
LOVED loved loved this product first time using it on a Jamie Oliver recipe I was trying out such a delicate flavour and looked great served up.
I tried this sliced up on my pizza and it was delicious- it’s also nice thin sliced on crackers with some dip or olives. I would like to try it next through some hot pasta. I would buy it again

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