4.7 5 0 48 48 Moro guarantees 100% Spanish olive oil which is tested against international olive council standards.
Moro Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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Olive Oil
Great all rounder oil to have in your kitchen and to use on a day to day basis. Best tasting oil I have found.
Good quality
This is a staple in our house. I bought it in the big tin previously but find it quite difficult to use that size so have had to decant it. But it has a nice taste and is good for cooking.
love using
This is a great olive oil. My meals cook so nicely and evenly when using. It doesn't have an overpowering fragrance.
Smooth but light
I always purchase it, it is my top olive oil brand
Great Product
Really great product. Mild taste, extremely versatile and 4ltrs helps with a growing family. Used this product multiple times in the best and never disappoints. Would recommend !
Olive oil
Love this oil great for making a simple salad dressing with lemon and olive oil ..
My fav olive oil.
This is the olive oil I regularly buy. It has a lovely dark yellow, thick consistency & a lovely taste that's not too overpowering. Overall a great oil plus it has great specials if you want to buy it cheaper.
Value for money
Great value for money. Use this all the time, nice flavours. Can you it with any food with great results.
No grease residue
Really subtle flavor works well with a variety of cooking. No greasey after taste left on food like cheaper oils which is fantastic!
We use this oil in all our cooking, it's smooth and full of flavour.
Great taste
Really versatile subtle flavour works well with a variety of cooking.
Great flavour
We love this oil anduse it for cooking and frying. Love the bulk buy tin as it saves money.
The best on the market
We have always chosen Moro for our best tasting olive oil. Works very well with everything
Flavoursome Oil taste - great for salads
Moro is one of the best brands and this extra virgin oil is no exception. It has a good olive taste which is the right strength for salads and veg. I will continue to use . Great size tin as it lasts so long.
Good packaging
The oil is good and it is great being able to buy a package that is good for storage and. It creating loads of plastic waste It would be great if you could take it back and get it refilled rather than getting a new container

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