4.3 5 0 21 21 Coated with soft ganache Peanut Butter coating, LA CREMERIA Indulgent Peanut Butter is your perfect combination of Peanut Butter Ice Cream and salted caramel sauce. Peanut Butter never tasted better.
LA CREMERIA Peanut Butter Ice Cream
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too sweet for me, muak. beli sebab ingat macam rasa peanut butter milkshake tapi tak.
Not so bad
Bagi penggemar peanut butter, mungkin anda akan tergilakan aiskrim ni. Tetapi ia cepat muak dan agak manis. Not so bad for me.
Peanut butter coated icecream
The peanut butter ganash coating is a little bit rubbery. It's nice, I like it. Not too sweet.
Peanut butter jam
The taste is too thick and sweet, the peanut butter taste is too strong. The texture is to creamy and thick where It does not taste like ice cream, it more like eating peanut butter jam
1st tengok harga agak mahal, tapi bila dh try mmg berbaloi,rasa peanut tu mmg sedap, combination dgn vanila tu buat rasa aiskrim lebih sedap, takcaya try ler
Rasa peanut butter yg sebenar..xmanis sgt ,memang sedap lah ..fevret ..jarang ada dekat brand lain
Creamy and Additive
I've tried every single La Cremeria's flavours (perks of MCO) and this is one of my favourite flavour! It's not overly powered by the peanut taste, however the coating combines really well with the ice cream that is subtle with the tinge of peanut cream inside.. Stocking up more of these at home!
Sedap giler..first bites dah besar mata sy sbb teruja dgn rasa aiskrim ni sm mcm mkn peanut tp lbh sdp dr peanut...mybe coz plus butter kan..
lemak berkrim
kali pertama mencubanya berkongsi dengan suami. sedap, rasa yang penuh lemak berkrim. tapi agak manis bagi saya.
Saya penggemar aiskrim tapi bukan penggemar peanut butter.. Tapi bila try aiskrim ni saya jatuh cinta ❤️❤️
Baenut Butter Ice Cream
I was skeptical about the ice cream at first as I don’t think the ice cream will taste good and will be the same as other flavoured ice cream but I was proven wrong when I took my first bite. The ice cream really smells peanut buttery and yummy which intrigued me to take a bite first rather than taking a picture. The taste really packed a punch as it is rich with the taste of peanut butter which is sweet, nutty and salty in one go. It really brings back the memory of my childhood where I liked to secretly eat peanut butter out of the jar. 100% will buy this again and peanut butter lovers will definitely make this as their choice when snacking or during cheat day. I totally recommend it for others to try it at least once!
Cremeria aiskr
Cremeria aiskrim terbaikk👍. Rasa kacang yang kuat dan bukan sekadar iklan semata.
Aiskrim sedap
Aiskrim sedappp sangat rugi kalau tidak makan,saya sudah makan dan menikmati kenikmatan aiskrim tersebut.
ugh so good
im not a huge peanut butter fan but when i saw the ice cream i was like, packaging looks cute and i presume the taste will be good as well. and it turns out to be really good. it has this salty taste that kinda balance out the sweetness for me, but overall this has to be my favourite cremeria yet.
Peanut Butter
I'm is peanut butter top fan, i like it not too sweet a creamy. My first recommended ice-cream...

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