Eversoft Rose & Pearl Extra Whitening Mochi Whip Cleanser

4.6 5 0 25 25 配方中含有100%有机植物活性成分。日本技术研发,揉搓出的泡沫即丰富又柔软、细腻,同时还是提取天然植物制作的保湿护肤品。玫瑰精华能净化和提亮肤色,除此之外,珍珠原料还能减少皮肤色素的形成。
Eversoft Rose & Pearl Extra Whitening Mochi Whip Cleanser


eversoft mochi cleanser
it has soft pillowy foam but doesn't drying on my skin.it has great smell too.my skin feels refreshed after each wash.no tightness.the price is also affordable
Hydrated and dry skin
Suitable for hydrated and dry skin.No causing acne.
Eversoft cleanser
Got it during guardian sales. It does cleanse my face thoroughly without feeling any tightness. For me its enough for daily usage and price is affordable which everyone able to own this
Hilang Minyak dan Kekotoran
Best sangat pencuci ni. Hilang segala minyak dan kekotoron di wajah.. Recomended pada korang yang nak cuba.
Very good
Product yang sangat bagus dengan harga yang berpatutan. Sangat sesuai dengan kulit muka saya. Very recommended
Sesuai untuk semua jenis kulit
Buihnya yang lembut dan sesuai untuk kulit sensitif dan semua.Haruman rosnya yang wangi sangat menyegarkan. Harganya juga sangat berpatutan dan didatangkan dalam bentuk tiub yang mudah di bawa ke mana-mana. Jenama yang sangat dipercayai.
Very reasonable .easy to purchase and recommended for normal skin
Face skin dry and rough
Bought this product as I was attracted by the Mochi Whip promise, thinking this could cleanse my skin thoroughly. Used it twice a day for a good one month. Skin didnt improve, overtime I noticed my skin looks rough and harsh, as if the pores are clogged.
tidak mengecewakan!
jenama dan kualiti eversoft ni dari zaman anak dara pakai, sampai dah anak 3.. susah nak tukar yg lain.. tahap best dan berbaloi dgn harga dia tu. payah nak curang dgn jenama lain..❤️😍
Very relaxing and hydrating product. Keeps skin moisturised
Great Cleanser
Very good product! Ive been using this and my skin getting better! Here’s my skin profile: •Combination skin •Always oily on the nose •Dry on the cheek area •Dull skin. After use this cleanser: •Skin less oily •Smooth & Fairer!🤩 •Smooth makeup(they say good skin, good makeup) Try now for the real experience!
Good facewash
Fresh feeling after every time facewash,nice green tea smell and very comfortable after effect for senesitive skin like mine...
Pencuci muka saya sekarang👍
Antara pencuci muka yang saya suka. Tidak mengeringkan kulit. Harga berpatutan
Soft on Skin
Eversoft facewash have left my skin so soft without making it dry. First I tried the rose face wash, now I'm using the tomato and cucumber face wash and it works as amazing.
Love this product
I already try it . Bought at guardian when got discount 40% . With rose extract purifies and make my skin more lighten than before . So far i still dont have pigmentations. But the moisture make me feel more confident when make up. Make my skin soft


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