Simple Kind to Skin Moisturizing Facial Wash

4.6 5 0 6 6 彻底洗去皮肤上的彩妆、污垢和其他杂质,让皮肤感觉洁净清爽,焕然一新。100% 无皂,富含维他命原 B5、维他命E 和红没药醇,可有效洁肤,不会干燥。此乳状配方提供完美的水分,让肌肤感觉柔软光滑。
Simple Kind to Skin Moisturizing Facial Wash


good to my skin. moisture but not help for my pimple
Cheap and do what it says!
My skin is dry and sensitive. It suits me well! Face feels moisture and no dryness feeling after using this. It’s cheap but works well. Will definitely repurchase!!! It doesn’t have much bubble.
Very mild cleanser
It is a very mild facial wash, which is not quite suitable for oily skin (I had to wash my face twice after the day), but it is very suitable for sensitive skin, or when you get sunburnt, this will be awesome that it is super mild
Simple and mild
Not scented and suitable for sensitive skin. Skin does not feel stretchy or dry after using. Feels good and is an effective cleanser but does not have any immediate obvious effect.
Simple and moisturising
I really enjoyed Simple's products and consistently used them in my daily life. This particular facial wash leaves my skin moisturized and does wonders to my skin.
Good for sensitive skin
This is a good daily cleanser that cleanses without leaving your skin feeling dry. It is suited for people with sensitive skin. However, it doesn’t treat other skin problems like acne, black heads, etc.


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