Simple Kind to Skin Moisturizing Facial Wash

4.7 5 0 30 30 彻底洗去皮肤上的彩妆、污垢和其他杂质,让皮肤感觉洁净清爽,焕然一新。100% 无皂,富含维他命原 B5、维他命E 和红没药醇,可有效洁肤,不会干燥。此乳状配方提供完美的水分,让肌肤感觉柔软光滑。
Simple Kind to Skin Moisturizing Facial Wash


a great product for over sensitive skin.its mild its moisturising.does not leave your dry.been using a year and will never change it.
Happy Returning Customer
I have been trying this Simple Moisturising Facial Wash after being disappointed with lots of brands (including international brands) that promises to deliver more than what their product can offer. Ended up having break outs and problematic skin condition. i tried with Facial Wash from Simple range, now expanded into full range including serum, toner, eye balm and more. Very pleasant mild scent, leaving skin so clean, fresh, moisture and without striping your skin. Have been using it for more than 25 months now, no more changing brands for my facial routine. Perfect solution for sensitive skin.
Clean and soft
Simple skincare is made of natural and safe ingredient, with its clinically-proven formulations, it helps to achieve the healthiest-looking skin. The price point is pretty good.
Simple and nice
Simple moisturising facial wash is suit to all skin type. It is clinically proven not to induce skin irritation and allergic reaction even for sensitive skin. The price is cheap.
clean and soft
Simple facial wash is gentle and soft, the texture is smooth and light weight, I like its natural and not over powering scents, It has refreshing scent without irritating skin.
pencuci yang sangat lembut dekat kulit.tak menyebabkan kulit kering atau sensitif.buih yang kurang tetapi sangat berkesan membersih dengan baik.membersih segala debu,noda dan kotoran secara berkesan.
fresh and soft
The facial wash has a gentle formula that effectively cleanses my skin without drying it out. The formula is also infused with pro-vitamin B5, which helps to hydrate and nourish my skin.
Facial wash
Untuk kulit muka yang sensitif kepada buih yang banyak kot dan lembut bila apply di kulit korang kena cuba yang ni . Pencuci muka dia sangat best . Langsung takpedih macam setenfah product . Sangat recommend untuk korang try
Wajah Jadi Lembap
Pencuci muka ini membuat kulit wajah saya menjadi lembap dan memperbaiki kulit saya yang kering sebelum ni.. saya amat menyukai product ini dan akan terus mengunakan pencuci muka ini.
’Simple’, the only choice
I have sensitive skin and tried numerous of facial wash. Simple is just nice and works for me. I could feel my face clean, more moisture and refreshing after use. It’s easy to wash and most important it’s fragrant free (Love it!). It’s price worthy and is my only choice.
Fresh and moist
I had used this cleanser quite few years ago.The texture was smooth and easy to blend which is not too soapy. Normally i will apply twice daily day and night combine with moisturizer will get better skin result.
Kembali remaja
Lembut pada kulit, membersih dengan baik sekali. Terasa lebih segar dengan setiap cucian. Tidak mengeringkan kulit malah menjadikan kulit wajah tegang dan bermaya. Seperti kembali remaja! Saya sangat sukakannya!
Nice to skin
As the name suggest, it is kind to skin, i had a bery sensitive skin , so had problem with finding the right skin product but i have no problem with simple, been using it multiple time, have a nice smell too
Mesti cuba
Sesuai untuk kulit muka sy yg sedikit kering..lepas guna rasa lembab dan segar
Best cleanser
Cleanser yg sgt best guna, lembap je kulit lps guna, terbaikk


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