GARNIER Bright Complete Anti Acne 3 in 1 Foam

4.3 5 0 12 12 一款含有维生素C和水杨酸的抗痘洁面乳。该产品集清洁、抗痘和提亮三种功效于一身。
GARNIER Bright Complete Anti Acne 3 in 1 Foam


Clean as you wish
It deels fresher and smell flgood. Gentle on your skin but not to the bacteria n oil. Yes for me
Feels great on skin
I tried this a while ago and I like it. Smells great and cleans the face really well. Love that it’s easy to use and makes me feel refreshed. Value for money and good for oily skin
Clean the skin effectively
Garnier Bright Complete facial wash clean the skin effectively and gently to the skin. It also helps to reduce the dark spot. Moreover its does't dry your skin.
Garnier Bright Anti Acne Foam
Pencuci muka garnier yang dapat melindungi dari tumbuh jerawat. Baunya wangi yang soft. Packaging mudah digunakan. Mudah untuk didapati di watsons atau guardian berhampiran rumah.
light and mild
This face cleanser is good to use, it is a gentle texture face washer, it keeps my skin's natural moisture, my skin is soft and smooth without any irritate feeling all the time.
Garnier face wash is easy to use, it is important it is to keep the skin clean and moisturised. My skin is instantly clean and without leaving any tight and discomfort feeling.
Super clean
After using Garnier face cleansing, my skin is super clean and fresh, this skincare with clinically-proven formulations, it helps to achieve the healthiest-looking and healthy skin.
Selepas mngunakan your produk ni kulit saya berasa agak lembut Dan segar. Penggunaan yg berpanjangan membuatkan kulit tampak sedikit cerah
When you using, you can feel there is a small particles, feel like scrub fash wash. After used, my skin is clean and bright. For me, i fell a little dry after used, have to apply toner afterward.
Interested to try because it contains salicylic acid which is good to fight acne. The price is reasonable and easy to find in stores.
Good bargain price to buy
After use it, I feel my skin so clean and glowing. This product remove oil from deep of my facial. With that tag price, I think it was bargain buy for all.
Fresh & Clear
after washing you can feel your skin brighter and clear, it could be a good try


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